Review: Apple’s HomePod
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Review: Apple’s HomePod

Voice-controlled, wireless speakers are already on the trend ever since Amazon pioneered voice-controlled speakers at home, and to simply top it up, Apple fans around the globe have already been wondering how would the company make its move in revolutionizing modern voice-controlled speakers, starting with their own wireless assistant, which is Siri. It’s been a … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC

Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC

As much as you love using your iPad or your iPhone, they just aren’t as quick or respondent as a regular keyboard. As we become more ever reliant on our computing companions, it makes sense to partner it up with the right tools for the job.    

So grab yourself an Ultra-Thin, lightweight Bluetooth keyboard, take it anywhere you go, and improve your typing speeds and output dramatically!  It’s compatible with any iPad or iPhone as well as any PC, Mac or Smartphone that has Bluetooth.    

Just switch it on, connect in a matter of seconds and transform your speed and accuracy whether you are writing emails, sending text messages or just capturing your thoughts!  It’s all done wirelessly via Bluetooth!     Super Thin 5.5mm – 7.5mm thick and just 220x120mm in size!  Metallic and Lightweight at just 205 grams it’s comfortable and ergonomically designed.  It works up to 10metres from the receiving unit and is powered by a Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

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