Google Drive

Latest Google Drive Updates

On the 28th of July, 2021, Google announced that “A security update is going to be implemented to Drive” – some users received an alert about this upcoming change in their enterprise Workspace accounts and an email from Google Drive Team. According to the announcement, the update would “make sharing files more secure” and is part of Google’s broad change that will also affect YouTube … Continue reading Latest Google Drive Updates

Best News Apps in Australia

Australia suffered a devastating incident recently that prompted everybody to always keep updated with current affairs. As a result, every citizen should install an Australian news app on their mobile device now more than ever so as to always be informed of the latest situation in the area near them.  However, to stay informed on the current happenings in Australia, you don’t need to install … Continue reading Best News Apps in Australia

Focus on iOS 15: What are the Updates?

The iOS 15 is the latest version of the iOS operating system that runs on the iPad and iPhone. iOS 15‌ unveiled by Apple is a major update that introduces many important new features worth consideration. Apple refines and updates iOS 15 with powerful features that will help users to explore, focus, and stay connected. Furthermore, they can do more with the on-device intelligence. With … Continue reading Focus on iOS 15: What are the Updates?

Smart Speaker – Sonos Beam

Get ready for more engaging and versatile sound playing as Sonos announced on Wedneday that a brand new smart speaker – called the Beam or Sonos Beam – will be coming to the market and to your homes. This amazing soundbar is similar to the company’s Sonus One speaker’s smart functionality, but with an added feature of being supported by over 80 music services and … Continue reading Smart Speaker – Sonos Beam