Most Common iPhone Issues and Solutions

iPhones deliver smooth and seamless performance, which makes them stand out from other smartphones. However, this doesn’t mean that iPhones don’t have their fair share of issues. Irrespective of the model of iPhone you’re using or the version of iOS it is running, there are various reasons for iPhone issues. Here are some of the most common iPhone issues and their viable solutions. Quick Battery … Continue reading Most Common iPhone Issues and Solutions

Latest iOS 15 Widgets

In June 2021 Apple officially launched iOS 15, which comes with lots of new and interesting features for users of the iPhone. Earlier in July, Apple released an update for the iOS 15 to developers – iOS 15 beta 3 and iPadOS 15 beta 3. The update brings additional improvements, refinements like a new Focus mode, and enhancements to FaceTime group calls and other existing … Continue reading Latest iOS 15 Widgets

Focus on iOS 15: What are the Updates?

The iOS 15 is the latest version of the iOS operating system that runs on the iPad and iPhone. iOS 15‌ unveiled by Apple is a major update that introduces many important new features worth consideration. Apple refines and updates iOS 15 with powerful features that will help users to explore, focus, and stay connected. Furthermore, they can do more with the on-device intelligence. With … Continue reading Focus on iOS 15: What are the Updates?

Top Apple Announcements at WWDC 2021

The World Wide Development Conference abbreviated as WWDC organized by Apple took place recently. Some of the top announcements at WWDC 2021 were regarding iPadOS, iOS 15, macOS Monterey, WatchOS 8, and lots more. The WWDC 2021 keynote was power-packed and eventful as it revealed some of Apple’s new software developments. Discussed here are the top Apple announcements at WWDC 2021. Messages Overhaul The Messages … Continue reading Top Apple Announcements at WWDC 2021

All You Need To Know About Apple’s Airtag

After several years of rumours and speculation, Apple finally unveiled its long-awaited tracking device “AirTag” in April 2021. Here is everything you need to know about Apple’s AirTag. What is an AirTag? AirTags are small, lightweight, stainless steel discs bearing the Apple logo on one side – users are free to personalize the other side using any of 31 different emojis, alphabet, and numbers (0-50). … Continue reading All You Need To Know About Apple’s Airtag

Innovative Apps for Your Smartphone

Innovative Apps for Your Smartphone

It is very common to have apps installed in smartphones after purchasing one. It would be kind of boring when people do not do so. In fact, there is a great possibility that in a day or two, installing apps would be the activity done by the user. Downloading apps could consume the memory or the storage space that a smartphone has. It may be … Continue reading Innovative Apps for Your Smartphone

The iCoverLover Story

iCoverLover is the Australian leader in design of fashion-forward premium smartphone and tablet cases; including iPhone cases, Samsung Galaxy cases, iPad cases, car mounts, iPhone car chargers and other funky smartphone and tablet accessories such as: docking stations, tripods and screen protectors. At iCoverLover we have an undeniable passion for adding a touch of personality to smartphone and tablet devices, ensuring they represent individual personality … Continue reading The iCoverLover Story