Best Mobile Apps to Improve Your Memory

We all know that technology can be a huge distraction. But what if you could use it to improve your memory? Believe it or not, there are several mobile apps that can help you do just that. Whether you want to boost your concentration or study for exams, these apps will help you achieve your goals. Check out our list of the best mobile apps … Continue reading Best Mobile Apps to Improve Your Memory

Best Phone Apps for Hiking Fans in Australia

Technology has allowed us to have apps for almost everything, and hiking is not left behind. Since we carry our phones everywhere, why not make the best use of technology?  Mobile apps are like a more knowledgeable personal assistant. They can do the hard work for you by helping you find new trials, must-see views, and most importantly, ensure your safety in the wild. If … Continue reading Best Phone Apps for Hiking Fans in Australia

3 Best Cooking Apps with Australian Recipes

Are you a food lover, an avid cook, or an aspiring master chef? Cooking apps are a great help in the kitchen. These cooking apps will not only help you find recipes, learn to cook, and store/organise your recipes but will also make cooking easier and enjoyable – and eating more fun. If you are considering getting any of these sleek cooking apps, here are … Continue reading 3 Best Cooking Apps with Australian Recipes

Which Apps Are Draining Your Phone Battery The Most?

When your phone battery is draining, it is either your excessive use of it or some battery-draining apps that might be the real culprits for it. You should know that as much as you enjoy using a load of apps, some of your favourite and most used apps are the biggest battery drainers.  To avoid draining the battery or the need to carry a battery … Continue reading Which Apps Are Draining Your Phone Battery The Most?

privacy for mobile devices

Privacy on Mobile Devices

From using credit cards up to sending emails, smartphones have become a source of all your personal information.  It has become your partner at working, gaming and socializing from your day to day life. But have you ever considered that your personal data might be used by someone for inappropriate purposes? Keeping your mobile devices to have a maximum security of privacy is a must. … Continue reading Privacy on Mobile Devices

Technology Fashion iCoverLover

You Spoke,We Listened

iPhone, iPad Mini Cases, Covers & Accessories The past few months have been insightful and rewarding for the iCoverLover team. Everyday we listen to the feedback of the most important people, you – our valued customers. The feedback we have received has been incredibly humbling and as a result we have thought about how we can make iCoverLover even better for everyone. The digital technology we use in … Continue reading You Spoke,We Listened

The iCoverLover Story

We were thinking this weekend that each brand has a unique story…… For us it was the undeniable passion for adding a touch of personality to our beloved i-gadgets, ensuring they represented our style and were always protected. So in a nut-shell the iCoverLover romance was born in summer 2010 in a Bronte beach pad. We are an Australian owned company, based in Sydney’s Eastern … Continue reading The iCoverLover Story