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You Spoke,We Listened

iPhone, iPad Mini Cases, Covers & Accessories The past few months have been insightful and rewarding for the iCoverLover team. Everyday we listen to the feedback of the most important people, you – our valued customers. The feedback we have received has been incredibly humbling and as a result we have thought about how we can make iCoverLover even better for everyone. The digital technology we use in … Continue reading You Spoke,We Listened

Vladimir Cherepanoff

Australian Art Collaboration Launch

Custom iPhone 5 Cases & Covers in Support of Australian Art We can barely contain our excitement as we announce the launch of the limited edition  Art Collaboration Custom iPhone 5 cases here at iCoverLover in support of Australian art. Our team is incredibly honoured to present the latest state of the art iPhone 5 covers featuring two extremely talented Sydney artists: Vladimir Cherepanoff and Papier … Continue reading Australian Art Collaboration Launch

Three Statement iPhone 5 Cases

Its an undeniable fact that our smartphones are fast becoming the most used accessory, they are in our hands wherever we go all day…and night long. In the same way you can tell a lot about a woman by her handbag, and a man by his shoes, phone cases are now the ultimate tool for self-expression. In fact the way you accessorise your smartphone is … Continue reading Three Statement iPhone 5 Cases

The iCoverLover Story

We were thinking this weekend that each brand has a unique story…… For us it was the undeniable passion for adding a touch of personality to our beloved i-gadgets, ensuring they represented our style and were always protected. So in a nut-shell the iCoverLover romance was born in summer 2010 in a Bronte beach pad. We are an Australian owned company, based in Sydney’s Eastern … Continue reading The iCoverLover Story


Steve Jobs = Messaging Genius

As we acknowledge one year since Steve Jobs passed, we also acknowledge that without him iCoverLover wouldn’t exist. The video that Apple produced in memory of Steve one year on was a beautiful piece dedicated to the world changing visionary. You can see it here…. It got me thinking about just what a genius he was not only in his product delivery, yet also the … Continue reading Steve Jobs = Messaging Genius

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Always were, always will be!

Diamonds may well be a girl’s best friend, but how much are you willing to drop to stay unique among the masses? Let’s face it before you know it, you won’t be the cool kid with a new iPhone 5. You will be one of many, 58 million in fact according to Bloomberg analysts. Pre-orders of the latest must have gadget, which is the most … Continue reading Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Always were, always will be!

Take a step back in time with your iPhone 4 or 5

Take a step back in time with your iPhone 4 or 5 The iPhone is one of the most popular cell phones on the market nowadays. Consequently, it is also one of the most expensive, as it offers numerous features that other phones don’t have. Having the iPhone makes a fashion statement, especially when you accessorize it to reflect your own tastes and personality. You … Continue reading Take a step back in time with your iPhone 4 or 5