How to Pick the Right Charger for Your Phone – A Practical Guide

Choosing a charger for your mobile devices might not seem like a problem at first glance, but it is important to keep in mind that you have to pick the right charger to prevent your phone from experiencing any form of damage. 

Purchasing the wrong charger can lead your phone to develop certain problems, like a faulty charging port or a drastic reduction in your phone’s battery life. So what are the things to consider when buying a new charger? Let’s take a look! 

Charger Type

USB-C to Lightning Cable For Apple devices

The first and most obvious thing to consider when picking a phone charger is the type of charger, and if it is compatible with your phone’s charging interface. 

Androids in earlier years made use of the smaller USB A. However, newer models of Android-powered phones like the Samsung A series and the Google Pixel series, make use of the much larger USB type C. 

Unlike Android phones, iPhones have always been designed with a unique type of charging interface that can only be powered with a special Lighting Cable. 

So depending on whatever phone you’re using, you should consider picking chargers that will fit perfectly into your phone’s charging port. 


The next thing to consider when shopping for a new charger is the battery capacity of your device. You must pick a charger that matches the charging protocols of your phone so that you don’t damage the battery. 

Morden day chargers however are designed to adjust to the level of current needed to power your devices. The speed at which your phone charges depends on the amperage (A) level of your charger. 

Another thing to put into consideration is if your phone supports fast charging. Most phones designed today, support and have different protocols regarding the feature. Fast charging mode, can only be activated when you make use of chargers that have high amperage levels.


Belkin Charger

Lastly, making sure you go for the right brand is of great importance. Most phone producers like Apple Inc. no longer add charging adapters to their phone accessories. 

A few great 3rd-party brands like Belkin offer chargers that can meet your phone’s charging requirements and are generally safe. 

Taking a look at the customer reviews of a brand before purchasing their product is a great way to avoid paying for a low-quality product that might end up damaging your phone. 

Putting all this into consideration makes the whole selection process for your charger a lot more rigorous, but it’s essential you do, in under for you to keep your phone in tip-top shape. 

Lastly, if you’re not too sure, you can always look up your phone’s charging requirements on the product’s website. 

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