What Can Google Assistant Do For You

Google Assistant is a voice-activated, smart assistant. It is native to Google Nest but is now compatible with a variety of devices. It was originally designed as a more personalized extension of the expunged Google Now.

Google Assistant completes numerous tasks when you say the activation phrase ‘Hey Google’. From helping you find your phone to giving you relevant information, Google Assistant is an intelligent way to take absolute control of your daily schedule. 

Google Assistant works on multiple gadgets, including Google Nest devices, phones, speakers, headphones, smart watches, smart displays and cars.

With all of its amazing features, a few of us are not really aware of what Google Assistant can actually do for us. These are some of the tasks and functions that Google Assistant is able to carry out for you on different devices. 

Google Assistant on Phones 

Recent models of Android phones with Google Mobile Services (GMS) have been equipped with this special AI. So even if your Android phone offers another AI system, like Samsung’s Bixby, Google Assistant is still compatible with it. Google Assistant can also be used on iPhones, although there are some restrictions. 

Google Assistant allows you to take complete control over your phone with voiceover commands. You can take pictures, find photos, set up alarms, stay up-to-date with the latest news, adjust media playback settings, create and update shopping lists, make calls, send emails, and generally get around your device. 

Image: Google

Google Assistant in Cars

Google Assistant works for cars that support Android automation. You can navigate your way to any destination, determine your estimated time of arrival, and share your estimated time of arrival with friends. You can also make phone calls, send texts and interact with media files while on the road. 

Google Nest and Smart Devices 

Google Nest —formerly Google Home— is a network of small and smart home appliances. The collection includes smart speakers, smart displays, routers, smoke detectors, thermostats and security systems like smart doorbells, smart locks and cameras. 

Google Assistant, at first, was designed to only work on Nest devices and Pixel phones. However, it has been modified to work with other smart devices, including Samsung SmartThings, LG appliances, Leveno smart displays and other gadgets like bulbs, switches and fridges. With your voice, you can adjust your room’s temperature and lighting, set alarms, play music and generally control your smart home. 

Google Assistant works on smart watches, headphones that are connected to android devices, and smart Televisions too. With Google Assistant, you can track your calorie and fitness level with your watch and also regulate your headphone’s features. Furthermore, you can open apps on your Tv, watch movies and funny videos, and operate media controls (volume, pause and play).


Google Assistant is an amazing, helpful and interactive AI that responds to commands on a personal level. This is possible because of the AI’s ability to recognize the vocal profiles of different people. It really is a smart way to get a whole lot of things done.

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