10 Best Google Play Store Tips and Tricks

Are you an Android user? Then this post is specially made for you. Most Android users believe that the Google Play Store is nothing more than an app marketplace – a place where they can search for their favourite apps (eBooks, widgets, and movies), download them and install them.

However, the Google Play Store is more than just an app marketplace; it also contains lots of interesting features that could amaze you. This post will share with you the ten best Google Play Store tips and tricks that you probably haven’t heard of yet.

1. Restrict Purchases Using Authentication

If you dislike surprise purchases like me, you can easily set authentication to restrict purchases on your Android device. To set up authentication:

Open the Play Store app, Tap on your Profile> Settings>Authentication

Check Biometric authentication to restrict purchases. You can also choose either to use this authentication for only purchases or access to the Play Store app.

2. View Only Recent App Reviews

Viewing reviews before downloading an app is very helpful. However, some reviews can be misleading sometimes because they are old (for an old version of the app). Luckily, you can filter reviews to view only recent ones.

Tap on the app > Ratings and review. You should see a filter on the top right side, toggle Most recent. You can also enable the Latest version.

3. Share Apps on the Play Store

Did you just find an amazing app you would like to share with your friends? You can easily share the link from Play Store with your friends. Find and tap on the app you wish to share. Tap on the 3 vertical dots (kebab menu), then tap on Share.

4. Add Apps to Wishlist

You can simply add apps you might want to download someday to a Wishlist to enable you to keep track of them. Find and tap on the app you wish to add to the wishlist. Tap on the kebab menu, then tap on Add to wishlist.

5. Reinstall Owned Apps in Bulk

Normally, Play Store keeps track of all the apps you’ve previously installed on your phone using your Google account. This makes reinstalling all your apps a breeze should in case you purchase a new smartphone.  

Open the Play Store app (make sure that you have logged in with your Google account), and tap on your Profile>Manage apps & device. Tap on Manage >tap the filter to choose Not installed, select all the apps to reinstall, then tap on the download icon.

6. Disable Auto-Updates for Certain Apps

It can sometimes be annoying when your apps auto-update themselves, especially those pesky apps that update every few days. Either you’re on a metered connection, or the new version is worse than the previous version. You can simply disable auto-update to prevent this annoying issue.

Open the Play Store app, Tap on your Profile> Settings>Network preferences

Tap on Auto-update apps and tap on Don’t auto-update apps. You can also choose to auto-update Over Wi-Fi only.

7. Prevent Children from Installing Apps

To prevent children or other family members from installing unauthorized apps on your device, you can enable parental controls on the Play Store. To enable these parental controls on the Play Store 

Open the Play Store app, tap on your Profile> Settings>Family

Then toggle Parental controls on and set a PIN. You can also customize content restrictions for each content type – apps, games, films, and so on.

8. Install Apps from your Computer

Do you know that you can install apps on your device from your computer? Yes, Play Store allows you to install apps right from your desktop browser, and it’s pretty simple.

Navigate to Google Play Store website on your desktop browser. Search for the app you wish to download. Tap on the Install button. Choose your smartphone and click the Install button.

9. Update All Android Apps at Once

Instead of updating your apps one by one, you can update all your Android apps at once. This saves a whole lot of time. Here’s how to go about it.

Open the Play Store app (make sure that you have logged in with your Google account), and tap on your Profile>Manage apps & device. Tap on Update all.

You can equally tap Manage apps & device> See details > Update all

10. Install Region-Blocked Apps

Sometimes, an app may be restricted to a particular region or country, preventing downloads from excluded regions or countries. However, you can bypass this using a VPN. Download and set the VPN to any of the allowed countries. You should be able to download the restricted app.

All the cool tips and tricks listed above will make your use of the Play Store more productive. Mind you, these tips and tricks are tried on Google Play Store version 30.6.16-2. If you’re looking for today’s best deals for your Android device, you can get exciting offers on cases and accessories from iCoverLover.

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