A New iPad Pro Might Be Out Soon

Recently, rumours have circulated about a 2022 model of the iPad Pro coming out soon. However, most sources suggest that the release date might not be as early as we think, and they could be released towards the year’s end. It is said that Apple is set to release this model in a variety of ranges, and some models might be up to 15-inch in length. 

Apple is working really hard behind closed doors to give its customers quality products. Here’s all the information we’ve gathered and a few things to look out for in this new iPad Pro model.

Mini-LED Display on 11-inch models

Apple introduced the mini-LED display technology last year with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro model. According to Apple, the mini-LED Display of an iPad Pro is a Liquid Retina XDR display that offers an improved dynamic range with true-to-life details, bright colours, and HDR. 

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro will surely continue to feature this configuration in coming years, but it being a component of 11-inch tablets is something that is still in question. 

Some sources, like tweeter leaker @Dylandkt, believe that the 11-inch model will feature the mini-LED Display, and he shared that thought with his followers in a now-deleted tweet early this year. 

Apple analysts Ross Young and Ming-Chi Kuo, however, have different thoughts. Ross Young said that the 11-inch iPad Pro might not get the mini-LED after all because the 12.9-inch models are selling well, and Apple really has no need to add the feature to a smaller tablet. And Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the mini-LED technology is too expensive to add to an 11-inch iPad Pro this year. 

Photo credit: Techadvisor.com

MagSafe Wireless Charging and Reverse Wireless Battery 

According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, future-generation iPad Pro models, much like Apple’s iPhone, might come with a glass back cover and will support MagSafe wireless charging. 

Also, along with this wireless charging configuration, this new iPad Pro might just support reverse wireless charging. The iPad Pro will be able to charge iPhones, AirPods, and some other Apple products, by simply laying them off the back of the tablet. 

M2 Chip

At the beginning of the year, Apple introduced a new chip (M2) to their MacBook series. The chip features an 8-core CPU and GPU. 

It’s quite interesting how last year, Apple improved the performance of the iPad Pro by introducing the M1 chip that was used in the older MacBook series. These chips are more advanced than the customary A-series chip and put the iPad Pro on the same level as the MacBook. And there is a chance that Apple will do the same with the M2 chip this year. 

Tweeter leaker @Dylandkt and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman both predict a possibility of Apple debuting a next-generation M2 chip and featuring it in the iPad Pro series later on this year. 


Apple will definitely break ground again with their 2022 iPad Pro model. Although there is no sure selling price for the product, Apple is sure to release the new iPad Pro series later this year, around October.

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