The New iOS 16 Features (Some iPhones Will Not Get the Update)

If you own an iPhone, then it means you’re familiar with Apple’s custom of occasionally releasing updates for the Operating System (iOS) of their products. 

News has spread recently about Apple’s most recent update, the iOS 16, and it is already available for installation. However, this update isn’t available for all of Apple’s iPhone products. Apple has informed us that to get the latest update; you’d need an iPhone 8 or later. 

A lot of new, interesting attributes will be added to your iPhone with this new iOS version, and we’d be taking a look at a few of them. 

Lock Screen

Apple has reimagined their Lock Screen with new, customizable features that give its customers absolute control over their iPhone’s personalization. 

You can now create multiple Lock Screens, showcase your favourite pictures, choose from a variety of font styles, and display a set of widgets to get information at a glance. 

Notifications also have now been modified to appear at the bottom of the screen so that they don’t get in the way of whatever it is that you’re doing. 

Photo credit: Apple (screenshot)


The iCloud Shared photo library has now been enhanced, and sharing photos with your family and friends just became a lot smarter. 

Once you’ve set up your shared library, you can share photos instantly, right from Camera. Also, everyone in your shared library can add, edit, and delete photos. 

Messaging and Mail 

Amazing features have now been embodied into Messages. You can now edit and unsend delivered messages and mark messages you’ve opened as unread. 

Also, the new mail feature now allows you to unsend emails, schedule send, add rich links, and has an improved search bar. 

Fitness and Health

Manage, track and understand your medications with the help of the new Medication feature. You can also invite your loved ones to share the information stored on their Health app. 

The Fitness application makes use of motion sensors of the iPhone to measure and keep track of your distance, steps and workouts, gives you an approximate amount of your calories, and contributes to reaching your daily fitness goals.  

Security and Privacy

Apple has made a few improvements to their security, and the responses are faster than ever. The Safety Check feature allows users who are in any way victims of domestic violence to easily review and reset the access they might have granted others around them. 

Family Sharing 

With the right parental controls, you can now easily configure a new iPad or iPhone for your little ones. Quick Start provides you with the best options to set your preferences for age-appropriate media, Screen Time, location sharing, and lots more. 

Photo credit: Apple (screenshot)

You also get a few helpful suggestions and tips to learn the important features of Family Sharing, like how to update your kid’s settings as they grow older, switching location sharing on or off, or getting reminders that you can share with everyone, your iCloud+ subscriptions. 

Apple really outdid themselves this time, and their new update is, in every respect, awesome. With this update, you can get a whole lot more from your iPhone 8 or later.

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