How to Use Your iPhone to Identify Animals, Plants, and Landmarks

Did you know that you can use your iPhone to identify objects, such as animals, plants, and landmarks? Thanks to the latest technology that comes with iOS 15, iPad OS 15, and macOS 12 Mojave. This technology is called Visual Look Up and is available in iPhones with an A12 Bionic chip or newer.

So, if you want to identify an animal or plant or aren’t sure what an object is, here are the steps to use the Visual Look Up.

Step 1

Open your camera and take a picture of the object you want to look up – a plant, an animal, a piece of art, a popular landmark, and so on. It’s fine if you already have the photograph of the object in your Photos app.

Step 2 

Navigate to your Photos app and pull up the picture of the object you want to look up. Not all photos support Visual Look Up. To know if your photo supports Visual Look Up, there should be a star attached to the (i) button (circled i) at the bottom of the screen.

The (i) button brings up the photo’s expanded information (you may need to tap the photo to reveal this button), and the star next to it signifies that the photo supports Visual Look Up. If there is no star attached to the (i) button, either the object is unidentifiable, or the photo is not good enough.

Photo credit: iMore

Step 3 

Once there is a star beside the (i) button, tap the (i) button. You should see the “Look Up” menu listed just under the image. Press the banner. Your iPhone should bring up similar images and more info about the object from Siri Knowledge. If you are identifying a landmark, Siri Knowledge might bring up its address and contact details if applicable.

Although the easiest case of usage for Visual Look Up is surely for iPhone, you may also use it on your Mac and iPad as well. Certainly, it is more common to take a picture of something using your iPhone than the iPad. However, if you’ve already got a picture on any of these devices, you can learn more and get useful information using the (i) button.

Please note that this feature doesn’t work all the time, but when it does, it’s an amazing technology. As stated above, this feature is only available on iOS version 15 and higher. If your iPhone version is lower, you will need to carry out a Software Update.

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