Apple Self Service Repair – What Is It & Will It Be Available in Australia

Last year in November, Apple announced that it’d launch a Self Repair Service early this year. This means Apple users can buy official parts of their devices, manuals, and tools to repair their devices when they malfunction. 

This announcement came as a surprise to many because Apple has a record of notoriously protecting its intellectual property. And true to their word, this program is rolling in the US and will launch in Australia later this year. So, is this good news for Apple users? Does it include all Apple devices? Let’s find out.

What is Apple Self-Service Repair?

Apple has constantly been scrutinized for launching devices with hard-to-find repair parts. It has worked hard for years to safeguard its property rights and ensure no fabrication of its devices. Though these measures protect their business, Apple users have had no choice but to helplessly dispose of their devices when they get spoiled. 

However, last year Apple announced that they would create a program that would allow users to repair their devices. The good news is that the program has already been launched in the US and spread to other parts this year. So, does the self-repair include all Apple devices?

What’s Included in the Self-Service Repair Program?

Apple promised that it’d not only provide repair parts to devices but also guide how to carry out the repairs. In the United States, the program is rolling and covers iPhone 12 and 13 and SE 3. It also comes with a DIY repair guide to direct you on how to fix the device. The available parts for replacement include the bottom speaker, battery, camera, SSIM tray, taptic engine, and display.

This is sad news for Apple users with older phones that may need repair. Next year, the program will extend to M1 chip MacBooks and launch in Europe. 

Photo: Support Apple

Why is Apple Introducing Self-Service Repair?

Apple’s self-service repair program, quietly unveiled via a press release, represents a watershed moment for the company. For years, Apple has opposed independent repair by designing products that are difficult to repair and pushing against legislation that would protect the right to repair. They have denied Apple users access to manuals, parts, and diagnostic equipment. It causes you to wonder, why now?

The change appears to be Apple’s principal tactic to avoid legal action from the US Federal Trade Commission, which was committed in July 2021 to address illegal right-to-repair limitations. The move also came days after President Biden issued an Executive Order directing the FTC to investigate unfair anti-competitive regulations on the third-party repair of devices.

Will Self-Service Repair Be Available in Australia?

Yes. The self-service repair will be available in Australia. Although there are no specific dates mentioned, the program should launch before the end of this year. 

Should I Use the Self Repair?

If you are comfortable handling electronics, you should repair your device as the manual will offer guidance. However, if you have no prior experience working with electronics, the process may be a hard nut to crack. iPhones have a complicated design, and it would be reasonable to know what you are doing.

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