The Best Cloud Storage and File-Sharing Services

If you work online, you will appreciate the importance of online file storage, file sharing, and file syncing. Before now, storage requires physical storage devices and hardware, and the fastest way to share files is via file transfer protocol (FTP) applications or email attachments.

However, cloud storage and file-sharing services like those listed below play a big role in the safety and security of your stored files as well as in the efficient sharing of files. Some cloud storage and file-sharing services even allow you to collaborate seamlessly with colleagues irrespective of geographical location.

If you’re new to these cloud storage and file-sharing services, then you should consider one. There are several services available but the best one to choose depends on some factors, such as the level of safety and security you want, the type and size of files, the devices you’ll use to access and edit your file, and whether you want to collaborate or not.

The Best Cloud Storage and File-Sharing Services

Here are some cloud storage and file-sharing services you can choose from. They are suitable for both basic and enterprise users. They are very user-friendly and easy to use without many technicalities. They also allow customization and collaboration if necessary.

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Google Drive

This is the most popular and most-used cloud storage service for sharing and collaboration. It is readily available to all Gmail users and can be used by individuals and enterprises. Google Drive offers affordable storage, easy syncing, Google Docs integration, and smooth collaboration. Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage and other three additional plans – 100GB for $1.99/mn, 200GB for $2.99/mn, and 2TB for $9.99/mn.


Dropbox is a well-known cloud storage service. It offers great storage and file-sharing service for everyone, which include multiple sharing options, office integration, and unlimited storage option. The stored files are also easily accessible. Dropbox offers different affordable plans, which include a 2TB plan for $11.99/mn and a 3TB plan for $19.99/mn, Dropbox has a 2GB free plan for beginners.


Although Icedrive recently made its way into the market, it has quickly become the favourite of many – thanks to its excellent design, top-notch security and easy, exceptional sharing feature. However, Icedrive is lacking in terms of collaboration as those who share with can only view your file and can’t edit or add new files. Icedrive offers a 10GB free storage plan but with just $4.17/mn you can purchase the 1TB plan.


pCloud is also well-known for its amazing security and ease of use. Like Dropbox, it offers a 2GB free plan but can freely upgrade this to 10GB if you complete some tasks. A unique feature is an opportunity it gives users to pay for a lifetime plan. pCloud also offers two premium plans – 500GB or $4.99/mn, $47.88/yr, or $175 for a lifetime and 2TB for $9.99/mn, $95.88/yr, or $350 for a lifetime. Another unique feature is the ability to shorten sharing links, set passwords and expiration dates for links.

Take Away

Those are the best cloud storage and file-sharing services you can choose from. Don’t forget that when deciding on the best cloud storage for file-sharing for you, you must consider the size of your file and whether you want collaboration or not. It’s better if you try out the free plans first.

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