How to Boost iPhone’s Battery Life by Optimizing 5G

One question that most iPhone users usually ask is how to enjoy prolonged battery power on their iPhones. Users of older iPhones struggle to keep their phone through a full day’s use on a single charge while the latest iPhone that can possibly last through a full day’s use on a single charge but with medium use, is packed full with an array of cool yet battery-intensive features.

5G connectivity, first featured in the iPhone 12, is one of these battery-intensive features. Although 5G connectivity aids in faster internet speeds, it causes the iPhone’s battery to drain faster. 

If you work or live where there is a good 5G coverage, you may decide to pay that price. However, if you reside where there is fluctuating or no 5G coverage at all, it’s not advisable to leave 5G turned on. Doing so will only drain your phone’s battery unnecessarily because your iPhone would be trying to connect to a 5G signal that is limited or not there at all. Hence, wasting unnecessary power. 

One of the best ways to boost your iPhone’s battery life is by optimizing 5G so that it only functions when it’s needed or disabling it.

Turning off or optimizing 5G on your iPhone is pretty simple. Simply follow our guide below on how to boost your iPhone’s battery life by optimizing 5G.

Photo: Support Apple

Optimizing 5G on Your iPhone

1. Navigate to the “Settings” app on your iPhone and click on “Cellular” (it may appear as “Mobile Data” on your iPhone based on your location).

2. Click on Cellular Data Options (it may appear as “Mobile Data Options” based on your location).

3. Click on “Voice & Data.”

4. Tap on 4G (it may appear as “LTE” based on your location) to turn off 5G. Doing this will make your phone use only the 4G (LTE) network. Click on “5G Auto” to switch back the 5G. 

5. If you don’t want to turn off 5G but rather want to keep it switched on but optimized. There is another option that enables you to optimize 5G on your iPhone to save some battery power.

Simply navigate to the Cellular Data (it may appear as “Mobile Data” on your iPhone based on your location) menu, scroll to the Data Mode section and choose any of the available options there that you feel would suit you best.


Those are the few and easy steps to take to boost your iPhone’s battery life by optimising 5G. If you follow the steps above, you will save yourself some more battery life. It’s important to note that aside from optimizing 5G, there are other ways to boost your battery’s power, which include:

  • Dimming the display
  • Highlighting the hogs
  • Disabling background refresh
  • Reducing notifications
  • Using low power mode
  • Limiting location services

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