5 Cool TikTok Tips & Tricks

Are you a new TikTok user and are finding it a bit difficult to understand its features and UI or an experienced user but still missing out on some interesting tricks? This post will help you learn five cool TikTok tips and tricks that will make you stand out on the “For You” page.

1. Voice Effects

If you feel like adding voice effects to your video narration on TikTok, you can easily do that with the voice effect on TikTok. Simply tap the “+” to create a new video. While recording the video, click on the checkmark to open the editing screen, click on Voice effects and select the effect that suits you most to apply to your video.

2. Green Screen Effect

Do you know you can use the green screen effect to transform your backdrop in TikTok videos? It’s simple. Tap the “+” to create a new video. Click on “Effect” to see the available effects menu. If you want to use a picture as your background, choose the green icon having a picture and a downward arrow. If you want to use a video as your background, then select the green icon having a video and upward arrow. Select your desired image or video and click on the record button.

3. Adding Closed Captions

If for any reason you wish to add captions to your video, then do this. On the editing screen, click on “Text.” You can customize the size, font, colour, alignment, style, and so on. After that, drag the text to wherever you want it to be on the screen. Click on the text to reveal an option to set text duration (when to appear and for how long). Tap on “Next.” You can also use this trick to make text appear and disappear on the beat.

4. Making A Duet 

Perhaps, you don’t know that you can make a duet with a TikTok video. TikTok’s duet feature will enable you to make some beautiful duets on TikTok.

Open the TikTok video, you wish to make a duet with. Click on the “Share” button (available only if allowed by the creator). Tap on “Duet” to launch the editing screen. From there, record audio and video of yourself together with the original. Tap on the checkmark to preview the content, if it is ok with you, tap on “Next” to save and return to the post screen. 

5. Sending a DM

Do you like a particular video and want to send a direct message to the creator? Simply tap on the “Share” button while watching the TikTok video and choose “Message.” Alternatively, navigate to your Inbox from the menu bar, click on the envelope icon, click on the plus sign, search for and tap on any profile you want to send a DM to. An option to send a chat with the user will appear. 

We hope these tips and tricks will help you to handle your TikTok account more effectively. Don’t forget to check out our online store for a wide collection of premium cases, covers, and accessories for your phones.

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