Rumoured iPhone 14 Features

As with any new product, sneak peeks are launched, leaked, and given away in little tidbits to pique the buyers’ interests. iPhone is no different. If we learn anything about new technology launches, is that the rumours are almost always more of a preview of the upcoming product. 

No company wants to lead its buyers astray, but they also don’t want to give everything away before the launch date. Surprise and suspense are almost as important as the new product itself. Let’s see what the rumours are saying.

Camera Changes

Everyone uses the camera feature on their phone, but the reasons may vary. Some will take the occasional family photo or selfie for IG, while others depend on the quality and features their phone’s camera provides. Those users will be excited if these rumours prove true at the September launch date. 

Photo credit: EverythingApplePro

Ultrawide and periscope lenses are at the top of the “is it true” list, possibly giving its users up to 10x zoom capabilities with an ultrawide angle option. If true, these features would come with a 48 (or 40 or 64; it’s all rumour after all)-megapixel camera function, the most significant pixel jump ever done. 

The final camera rumour includes the design layout of where the lenses sit. There is much chatter about Apple doing away with the infamous camera bump, levelling the phone out flat and bringing the lenses flush with the back of the phone. 

Body Design Changes  

The most significant design change to note, I think, is the potential to have a new titanium shell, replacing a weaker material that phone builders are currently using. If this rumour comes to fruition, we are looking at a far more scratch and scuff-resistant base. 

Another significant design change could be the camera notch shifting to a hole punch design over the oval notch. What currently makes the Apple phones stand out from other designers could put them on the same playing field as its competitors by making this change. 

Photo credit: AppleInsider

Screen Size Changes 

Apple is doing away with the “mini” series of the iPhones. The iPhone 14 could have screen sizes ranging from 6.1 to 6.7 inches.  

Future Design Rumors

Although there are whispers about these design changes in the iPhone 14, Apple will likely delay the launch before showing them to the public. 

Portless Charging 

Rumour has it that they may get rid of charging ports entirely or do a semi-conversion, where the port is more of a magnetic touch and not a full plug-in. 

The goal is to eliminate as much dust and damage potential as possible. Going portless will eliminate one more hole, keeping it cleaner and lasting longer. 

New Vapor Chamber Thermal Cooling System

Details are vague, but the idea is to help cool the phones longer, giving the user usage time without the danger of overheating the device.

Whether these rumours ring true or not, Apple users are excited to see what the future holds for iPhones and what their next upgrade can do. Only time will tell.

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