7 Cool Instagram Hacks

Are you an Instagram influencer, digital marketer, or active Instagram user and want to add some cool Instagram hacks to your social strategy? This post is designed for you. These seven cool Instagram hacks will help you not only to work smarter but also to post and share like a pro.

1. How to Stop Seeing Stories or Posts You Don’t Want to See

Are you sick and tired of seeing stories or posts from Instagram accounts you don’t like, even if you follow them? One way is to unfollow these accounts but if you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, use this “mute” hack.

Simply visit the Instagram account you want to stop seeing, click on the “Following” button, and then tap on “mute.” You can also tap the kebab menu (three dots) at the top right-hand corner of your feed and tap on “menu.” From the menu, choose to either mute both Posts and Stories or only Posts. You can also press and hold on to a story from the account to mute both Posts and Stories.

2. How to Rearrange Filters

Whenever you want to post a photograph or video clip and you go to “Filter,” tap on “Manage” at the end of the filters, you will see a kebab menu next to each filter, press and hold the menu to rearrange the filters. 

If there is any filter you wish to hide, there are circles next to each filter, check or uncheck accordingly to hide or unhide filters, then tap on “Done.”

3. How to Review All Photos/Posts You’ve Liked

You may want to refresh your memory by reviewing photos/posts you’ve liked. Here is a hack to that without stress. On your profile, click on the hamburger menu (it’s the three horizontal lines at the top right corner), click on “Settings,” “Account,” and “Posts You’ve Liked.” Amazingly, all the photos you’ve liked will appear.

4. How to Clear Your Search History

Perhaps, you don’t want anyone to find out that you’ve been searching for a/some particular photo(s) on Instagram. You can easily wipe your entire Instagram search history with this hack. On your profile, click on the hamburger menu, click on “Settings,” “Security,” “Clear Search History (or Search History depending on your version)”

5. How to Add Another Instagram Account to Your Bio

If you have multiple Instagram accounts for different aspects of your business brand, you can easily add another Instagram account to your bio using this hack. When typing in your bio, type the “@” sign and choose the Instagram account you wish to add. Tap on “Done.”

6. How to Create Saved Replies 

If you’re running a business, you would understand the importance of timely responses but this can sometimes become overwhelming, especially if you’re the only one running the business. This hack will make it easier for you.

On your profile, click on the hamburger menu, click on “Settings,” “Business tab,” and on “Saved Replies.” Click on the “+” button to add a new saved reply. Type in your reply and add a shortcut. Click on the “Save” button. Whenever you need to use any of the saved replies, type the associated shortcut. This would bring up a blue button in the message box, click on the button to auto-display the reply.

7. How to Hide Old Posts Without Deleting Them

Do you want to stop seeing old posts without necessarily deleting them on your Instagram? You can remove all old posts with the “Archive” function.

Click on the kebab menu at the top of the post you wish to hide, and tap on “Archive.” This will automatically archive the post, hiding it from view. If for any reason you want to review your archived posts, on your profile, click on the hamburger icon and tap “Archive” to view either Posts or Stories. Tap on “Show on Profile” to restore the hidden post.

We believe that these hacks would help you to manage your Instagram account more effectively. Don’t forget to check out our online store for a wide collection of premium cases, covers, and accessories for your phones.

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