Best Mobile Apps to Improve Your Memory

We all know that technology can be a huge distraction. But what if you could use it to improve your memory? Believe it or not, there are several mobile apps that can help you do just that. Whether you want to boost your concentration or study for exams, these apps will help you achieve your goals. Check out our list of the best mobile apps to improve your memory.

What is a Memory App?

A memory app is an app that helps you improve and train your memory. The best memory apps are those that offer a variety of exercises and activities to keep your memory sharp. Some of these apps also offer personalized tips and tracking to help you monitor your progress and stay on track. If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your memory, a memory app may be right for you. 

4 Mobile Apps to Improve Your Memory

  1. Lumosity

Lumosity uses numbers and letters to challenge your brainpower. Each game consists of three challenges that constantly change to stretch your thinking ability. This game is perfect for improving attention, mental flexibility, solving problems, and processing speed. Lumosity is easy to use—you can access it on your phone. The games are tailored to your level of ability so you can progress at your own pace. If you’re looking for a quick brain boost or want to commit to a more intensive program, Lumosity has something for you. Give it a try and see the results for yourself!

Photo: Lumosity – screenshot
  1. CogniFit Brain Fitness

CogniFit Brain Fitness is a unique app developed by neuroscientists. This app focuses on a scientific approach to improving your cognitive abilities. It has activities that target different cognitive domains, such as memory, focus, and coordination. It also has a personalized program that adapts to your needs and helps you track your progress. The first game is free, but you’ll have to pay for a monthly subscription to keep playing. 

Photo: App Store
  1. Peak

If you are looking to improve your memory, problem-solving ability, and mental agility, Peak is a great app to try. This app uses a personalized plan called Coach to challenge your brain and keep you on track. The activities are all puzzles or games that get progressively harder the more you play. There is even a section where you can track your progress and compare yourself to your friends. 

Photo: Google Play
  1. Eidetic

Eidetic is an app that uses your personalized information to train your memory. How? By using a spaced repetition technique. This learning method helps you remember items by spacing out the reviews over time. Eidetic is available on iOS and Android.

Photo: Eidetic – screenshot


Keeping your memory sharp is key to a healthy and happy life. Luckily, there are plenty of mobile apps out there that can help you do that. Our top five favourites are Peak, Eidetic, Elevate, and CogniFit Brain Fitness. Give them a try and see which one works best for you!

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