iPhone SE 2022 Features & Prices

Apple has officially launched its new iPhone SE (2022) on March 8 at its Apple event. The new iPhone SE (2022) is the latest affordable iPhone. Apple began taking pre-orders for the new iPhone SE (2022) on Friday, March 11 while the iPhone was made available in stores on Friday, March 18.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new iPhone SE, which includes its features and price.

Photo: Apple


The new iPhone SE (2022) comes in three configurations – 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. The 64GB version costs AU$719, the 128GB is AU$799, while the 256GB version costs AU$969.

One supposed reason for the price hike is the inclusion of 5G and better battery life to the iPhone SE 2022. Nevertheless, the new iPhone SE remains the latest budget-friendly iPhone.


The new iPhone SE (2022) doesn’t come with a new design. It maintains the exact design and looks of its predecessor – the iPhone SE 2020. Remember that the iPhone SE 2020 has a similar look as the iPhone 8.

It means that the new iPhone SE (2022) is thin, small, and curvy with a big chin and bezel, and has a physical power button. If you’re not too comfortable with the iPhone 13’s angular side, you may find this iPhone impressive.

The iPhone SE 2022 has a glass front and back, with an aluminium frame. It is available in three colours – black, white and red. The back is flat with a small camera bump. 

Just like other iPhone models, this iPhone features a lightning charging port, a lightning cable, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. You already know recent iPhones don’t come with a charger. 

Photo: Apple


Like the iPhone SE (2020), it features a 4.7in. screen size, which is considerably smaller than the iPhone 13 Pro Max of 6.8in screen size. The display has a 750 x 1334 resolution and a refresh rate of 60Hz. These specs make the new iPhone less of an option for those who stream lots of online videos.


The iPhone SE (2022) comes with the same A15 Bionic chip featured in the iPhone 13. That means you can expect similar high-class performance. This makes the iPhone SE (2022) 1.8x faster than its predecessor and has a powerful image signal processor.

It comes with 5G onboard and a superb GPU. Instead of the 3GB RAM in iPhone SE 2020, this iPhone has 4GB RAM for smoother multitasking. However, the iPhone SE 2022 lacks a Night mode and the mmWave 5G support.

Camera and Battery Life

Photo: Apple

The iPhone SE (2022) comes with a single 12MP rear camera with an improved sensor. The camera features a Portrait mode and Photographic Styles (filters).

For the battery life, there is no official battery capacity for the new iPhone SE 2022. Instead, Apple stated that the A15 Bionic chip gives this iPhone a better battery life than the 2020 model – specifically an extra two hours of charge per day. If that is true, then we may expect at least over 10 hours of battery life from the iPhone SE 2022.

This new iPhone also features a larger cell and supports both wireless and fast charging. These are the basic features you need to make your choice about the new iPhone SE 2022. If you’ve got another iPhone version or are waiting to purchase your own copy of the new iPhone SE 2022, visit iCoverLover for beautiful and durable covers, cases, and accessories at very affordable rates.

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