The New Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Up Close

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 is now in the market. It is an upgrade from the Galaxy Tab S7 series with three variants:

  • Galaxy Tab S8
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Plus
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

This series targets to outdo the iPad Pro model. So, what updates does Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 has to offer? Keep reading to find out. 

What’s New with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8?

The Galaxy Tab S8 is Samsung’s latest tablet, and it offers a lot of improvements over its predecessor. Though slightly different, the three variants have similar features. The Tab S8 has a new design with an edge-to-edge display, dual rear cameras, and a fingerprint scanner embedded in the home button.

It also has the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, which gives the devices high processing power compared to their predecessors. The variants lack a headphone jack but feature the S pen stylus and a 45W charging through a USB-C 3.2 port. 

How Does the Galaxy Tab S8 Compare to Other Tablets?

When it comes to tablets, there are a few different categories: low-end, mid-range, and high-end. The Galaxy Tab S8 falls into the high-end category, competing with the likes of the iPad and Microsoft Surface. So what makes it so special? There are a few things. 

First, the Tab S8 has a beautiful AMOLED screen with very thin bezels. This gives it an edge-to-edge look that is very sleek and modern. Second, it has a powerful processor that makes it one of the fastest tablets on the market. Finally, its software is heavily optimized for multitasking and productivity, making it an ideal choice for business users.

Photo: (screenshot)

What are the Specs of the Galaxy Tab S8?

Galaxy Tab 8Galaxy Tab 8 PlusGalaxy Tab 8 Ultra
Display11-inch LCD120HZ refresh rate12.7-inch AMOLED120HZ refresh rate14.6-inch AMOLED120HZ refresh rate
SoftwareAndroid 12Android 12Android 12
Storage8GB RAM128/256GB microSD card support 8GB RAM128/280 microSD card support8/12/16GB128/256/512 microSD card support
Battery 8,000mAh45W Charging10,090mAH45W Charging11,200mAH45W Charging
Dimensions and Weight253.8 x 165.4 x 6.3mm
285 x 185 x 5.7mm
326.4 x 208.6 x 5.5mm

How Does the Galaxy Tab S8 perform?

The Galaxy Tab S8 is powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset processor and 8 GB RAM. This ensures that the tablet can handle any task you throw at it, from browsing the web to streaming videos. You can even play graphics-intensive games without any lag or slowdown. 

The Galaxy Tab S8 also comes with 64GB of internal storage, so you can store all your favourite movies, music, and photos without having to worry about running out of space. Samsung has also included a microSD card slot for added storage, so you can have even more room to spare.

Final Thoughts on the Galaxy Tab S8

The Galaxy Tab S8 is a powerful device perfect for anyone looking for a fast and versatile tablet. The tablet’s design and features are top-notch, and it’s great for entertainment, work, or school. From the gorgeous display to the long battery life, the Galaxy Tab S8 is sure to please. We highly recommend this tablet as a reliable and feature-rich device for anyone in the market. 

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