What Exactly Is MagSafe?

If you have an eye for new technologies, you must have already noticed the emergence of MagSafe – a new technology by Apple. A better phone experience can be savoured with the discovery of MagSafe. So, in case you’ve been wondering what exactly it is and its benefits, and if at all it’s worth your money and time, you’ve come to the right place. 

What is MagSafe? 

MagSafe is simply a feature aimed at facilitating wireless charging. It also accommodates a bunch of fascinating new accessories designed to increase the functionality of your phone. These possibilities are available to you courtesy of a complex design consisting of magnets, coils, sensors, and shields, inspiring the name MagSafe. 

For people who have been using Apple laptops for a long time, MagSafe isn’t entirely a new term. While launching its 2006 MacBook Pro, Apple introduced the MagSafe conception. The charger of a MacBook attaches real fast and seamlessly to the side port of the laptop through a magnetic connector. Due to the ease of disconnecting if pulled, this design is a lot safer than the standard connector. 

Benefits of MagSafe 

MagSafe cover

One of the benefits as far as the iPhone’s MagSafe is concerned is that it is more advanced than laptop chargers. The company launched Magsafe’s new version while releasing the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 in October 2020. From that time, all phones by Apple come with an inbuilt MagSafe magnet system. 

The system serves as not only a safe but also a fast way of charging phones wirelessly. You also benefit from a functional mounting system for your magnetic accessories such as wallets, cardholders, ear pods, mirrors, phone grips, and so on. If you love mounting your phone on your bike or in the car, this system makes things a lot easier for you. 

In a nutshell, below are three benefits you can expect from the MagSafe system:

  1. By ensuring perfect alignment of your phone with the coils inside, power transfer happens a lot faster, which dramatically increases efficiency. You don’t have to fuss with the positioning.  
  2. MagSafe is a safe and fast way of charging your phone. In the past, Qi powered iPhones at 7.5 watts. Imagine a system that can charge twice as fast without the risk of damaging your device? That’s what MagSafe offers you. You get to charge your phone first and keep it safe. There is no tradeoff.  
  3. Who doesn’t crave convenience? The typical wireless charging system limits the user because you cannot use your device while charging. By securely attaching to your phone, MagSafe chargers allow you to use your device as it charges wirelessly.  

MagSafe Accessories 

To fully utilize your MagSafe system and increase your phone’s functionality, you may want to consider using MagSafe accessories such as MagSafe cases

Is the MagSafe system worthwhile? Considering the above benefits, most people would say ‘yes!’ There is one downside, though; the MagSafe charger is slower than your standard plug-in iPhone charger. Nevertheless, MagSafe is a considerable improvement of the wireless charging arena and accessories compared to the existing technology. 

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