Did You Know You Can Use Siri to Cast Harry Potter Spells?

If you are reading this, the greatest likelihood is that you are a Harry Potter fan and undoubtedly a fan of Apple products. Are you aware that you can cast Harry Potter spells using the ‘Hey Siri’ app on your iPhone? Yes, you can. This post is a dedication to all Harry Potter fans who are interested in learning how to cast Harry Potter Spells and even custom-make their spells with the help of Siri. 

About Siri

In the beginning, Apple had envisioned Siri as an indispensable tool. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as they had anticipated, but this doesn’t make Siri an entirely useless tool. Potter lovers who own iPhones can find this tool extremely useful and an essential part of their everyday life. Apple executed a string of voice commands with spells from the famous Harry Potter series. As such, as long as ‘Hey Siri’ is activated on your iPhone, you can begin casting spells immediately. 

How to Cast Spells Using Siri

‘Hey Siri’ has three in-built spells, namely Lumos, Nox, and Accio. Known as the wand-lighting charm adopted from the Harry Potter movies and books, Lumos is a voice command that turns on the rear flashlight of your phone. The wand-extinguishing charm, Nox, is the command for turning your flashlight back off. Then there is the summoning charm referred to as Accio. You can use this voice command to open the various apps on your phone. For instance, if you say, “Hey Siri, Accio Facebook,” it will open the Facebook app on your phone. 

Getting Started on Hey Siri

Firstly, turn on your phone’s ‘Hey Siri’ feature. To achieve this, go to ‘Settings’, locate ‘Siri & Search’ and ensure that the Listen for ‘Hey Siri’ toggle is green. To allow casting spells from the lock screen of your phone, enable ‘Allow Siri When Locked.’ Once you’ve finished doing all this, you can begin casting Harry Potter spells from the comfort of your iPhone. 

Creating Custom Spells 

As you will notice, Apple only included the above three in-built spells. That shouldn’t limit you, though. You can generate custom spells via the shortcuts function, which gives you endless possibilities. 

Setting up the custom spells on ‘Hey Siri’ entails navigating to the shortcuts app, tapping + on the upper-right corner, and selecting ‘Add Action.’ Once you’ve done that, look for the function that you want. From there, tap ‘Next,’ enter the shortcut name – that is the spell- and you are good to go. 

“Hey Siri” offers iPhone users a fantastic magical world. Thanks to its ability to generate custom spells, users of “Hey Siri” can include many spells that act as handy shortcuts. Take, for instance, Silencio, the silencing charm for putting your phone on silent mode. Another amazing example of a spell is Sonorous – an amplifying charm for boosting your phone volume to max. It’s a world of possibilities for “Hey Siri” users, which explains why over 500 million people across the globe are using this virtual assistant. Have you tried it yet? No? What are you waiting for?

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