What Upgrades are Expected for Android 13?

Android 12 was a big update for the mobile operating system. It brought a new dark mode, a redesigned settings menu, and a range of bug fixes and performance improvements. But what can we expect from Android 13? While Google has not yet released any official details, some rumours are circulating.

Android 13 Upgrades

Media Output Picker

The Media Output Picker feature is designed to make it easier to control your Android device’s audio and video output. With the Media Output Picker, you can select audio and video outputs, such as Bluetooth, HDMI, and USB. This will come in handy for devices like the Google Chromecast, requiring you to manually select the audio and video output.

Tap-to-transfer Media Playback Handoff

One of the most anticipated upgrades is ‘tap-to-transfer media playback handoff.’ What is its purpose? If you are watching a video on your Android phone and want to continue watching it on your TV, you can transfer the playback seamlessly. No more waiting for the video to load again!

Streamlined QR Code Scanning

According to leaked photos, Android 13 will have a more streamlined QR code scanning experience. This means that it will be easier and faster to scan QR codes, even if your phone is in landscape mode. You will also be able to access the QR code scanner right from your phone’s lock screen. This is a much-needed improvement, as QR code scanning can be a bit clunky on some Android devices. 

Photo credit: Android Police

We’re looking forward to seeing how this enhancement improves the overall user experience.

Android 13 New Features

TARE: The Android Resource Economy

Android 13 will include a new “TARE” function that will manage resources on the OS level. This would be a huge improvement for budget-minded users, who often find themselves with a phone full of unused apps and widgets. TARE will allow users to delete unneeded apps and data, freeing up storage space and CPU cycles. 

New Clock Layout

The clock layout will be the most noticeable change. The current time runs in a large font at the screen top, with the date and day below it. In Android 13, the date and day will move to the top of the screen, while time will be in a smaller font below it. This change will make it easier to see the date at a glance.

App Languages

Android 13 will come with support for more app languages. If you’re multilingual or develop apps for a global audience, this is great news! Android 13 will reportedly support up to 136 languages, up from the current 25. As such, more people can use your apps, and you’ll have a larger market to target.

This upgrade is sure to be a hit with developers and users alike. Are you excited about Android 13? We sure are!

Photo credit: Android Police

Runtime for Notification

Android 13 is expected to include a runtime for notifications. This will give users more control over the notifications they see and how they are notified. For example, you’ll be able to set your phone to only send notifications during certain times or only when you are not using your phone. 

This will help you manage your notifications and keep your phone from becoming inundated with them.

From what we can tell from the latest rumours, the Android 13 will deliver a better user experience. But we can only confirm these upgrades and features once the launch happens. Until then, let’s wait and see.

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