Samsung Galaxy S22 Latest Rumours

Phone manufacturers make new products every year, and Samsung is no exception. After launching the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE on 3rd January, we anticipate the Galaxy S22. 

Samsung will unveil the new Galaxy S22 soon, and we’re on a mission to bring you the latest updates.

What to expect from the latest Samsung Galaxy

The Galaxy S22 specs have yet to be confirmed, but there are leaks thanks to Ice Universe. The Galaxy S22 is rumoured to come in three variants: Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Unlike other S series models, Galaxy S22 is likely to have a smaller display. According to the available leaks, the display will be as follows:

  • Galaxy S22, 6.01-inch screen
  • Galaxy S22 Plus, 6.55-inch screen
  • Galaxy  S22 Ultra, 6.81-inch screen

Galaxy SX22 Ultra will maintain a battery size of 5000 mAh. But Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus will have smaller batteries, 3800 mAh, and 4000 mAH, respectively. 

In terms of colours, Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus will be available in white, black, pink, gold, and green. On the other hand, Galaxy S22 Ultra will come in white, dark red, black, and green models. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 S Pen Support

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra came with an S Pen though it lacked a hostler. And there is hope the trend will continue. According to rumours, Galaxy S22 Ultra will feature an S Pen and a slot making it a Galaxy S Note.

The leaked images show Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a squared-off design with a wide aspect ratio like the Galaxy Note series. It is unclear if the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus will feature an S Pen.

Photo: GSMarena

Samsung Galaxy S22 Release Date

Samsung released the S-series flagship in March. And follows a 12-month cycle launch. This gives them enough time to get the product ready for launch while still staying in line with other product announcements at the beginning of the year.

However, Samsung deviated from this trend by launching the Galaxy S21 in January and it’s barely a month since the launch of the Galaxy S21 FE. A few days ago the company announced the release date of the flagship Samsung Galaxy series for 10 February 2022 at 2 AM AEDT.

How Much Will Galaxy S22 Cost? 

The Galaxy S20 model was launched at $1349 AUD. This high price, coupled with the financial uncertainties in 2020, contributed to low sales. Last year, Samsung cut the price by $100 and was selling the Galaxy S21 at $1249 AUD. Also, the latest release, Galaxy S21 FE, is selling at $999 AUD.

So, we do not expect the prices of the Galaxy S22 to shoot up beyond $1300 AUD. It is not to say Samsung will make the Galaxy S22 cheaper, but the prices will be affordable to skyrocket their sales.

Final Thought

There is a lot of competition in the smartphone market. We can’t wait to see what new features will serve our interests every time. And Samsung does not disappoint. We believe the Galaxy S22 model will stand out and improve your smartphone experience. The flagship is coming soon. Let’s wait and see what more it has to offer.

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