iCoverLover’s Back to School Favourites

As kids go back to school, so does your protective instinct, especially when you consider the realities of kids at school, including lockers, backpacks, lunch bags, and the sheer volume of things kids haul around. You want to make sure your child’s (expensive) tech is protected. After all, they’ll be bringing their tablets, laptops, smartphones, and e-readers to school every day. And the best way is to use covers and cases.

We’ve rounded up some of iCoverLover’s back-to-school favourites to increase durability for your child’s school devices. 

1. iPad Covers and Cases

The iPad has become an increasingly popular tool for students in school. With the right iPad cover or case, you can ensure it stays in great condition.

There are a variety of Apple iPad covers that are lightweight and durable. They come in various colours and designs, and they’re easy to attach and remove. See our top suggestions:

2. Fun AirPods Cases

AirPods have quickly become a must-have for any Apple user. And if your kid owns a pair, you know it’s easy to lose them. But that’s where a good AirPods case comes in. There are various AirPods cases available online, and they are stylish and extremely protective. The hardshell case will keep your kid’s AirPods safe from any accidental drops or scratches. And the best part? They are affordable.

 Below are some examples of AirPods cases suitable for your young one:

 3. Otterbox Cases

As the school year ramps up, it’s more important than ever to keep your child’s smartphone safe and protected. One of the best ways to do that is using an Otterbox case. Otterbox has a variety of perfect cases for any need or situation to protect your device from even the most extreme conditions. Whether your child is a clumsy klutz or a nature-loving outdoorsman, Otterbox has a case that will fit their lifestyle and keep their phone safe. Check out these examples:


iCoverLover is a premier destination for all your child’s devices’ safety needs. Whether you’re in the market for iPad covers, iPhone cases, or accessories that will keep their devices safe and stylish, we’ve got everything you need right here. And with many incredible deals going on now, there’s never been a better time to get more from iCoverLover!

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