The Most Amazing Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

Google Chrome is a popular browsing app for PC and mobile phones.  As of October 2021, it had a market share of 63.57%. The large market share is due to constant improvement and new features added to the app for better browsing.

Although the app is popular, many people use it because it is pre-installed on almost all Android devices. However, many are unaware of Chrome’s features to supercharge the browsing experience.

Are you one of them? If so, keep reading to discover five tips and tricks that can transform your browsing in the Google Chrome app.

  1. Move the Address Bar to the Bottom

The screen size of mobile phones keeps getting bigger and bigger. And because, by default, the Chrome address bar is at the top, you may strain to browse using one hand.

But, a new feature in Chrome can help you move the address bar to the bottom of the screen for your convenience. You can activate this feature as follows:

  • Open the Chrome browser and search Chrome flags.
  • On the Chrome flags page, search for the “Chome Duet” flag.
  • Click on the default button to get a drop-down menu
  • On the drop-down menu, select your preferred options.
  • Click the relaunch button to activate the changes.
  • Restart the app to enjoy easy browsing with a bottom address bar.
  1. Disable Autoplay

Ever visited a site, and suddenly a video starts playing out of nowhere loudly? That isn’t very pleasant. Luckily, Google Chrome has figured a way to disable video autoplay with these steps:

  • Open the Chrome app and head to settings.
  • Click site setting.
  • On the site setting page, click the disable autoplay button

There is also an option for selecting sites, such as YouTube, where you may want videos to play automatically. 

Photo: Tecnoblog
  1. Increase Browsing Speed

Though the TPC protocol is reliable when browsing, items on a web page can make your Chrome sluggish, especially because some depend on your computer CPU. Such include animated flush elements, images, and banner advertisements.  You can solve the problem by setting up UDP as follows:

  • Open the Chrome browser and search Chrome flags
  • On the Chrome flags page, search the “Experimental EQUIC.” protocol flag and click the enable button.
  1. Block Redirect to Unknown Sites

When searching for information on the web, you want to go straight to what you are looking for. However, some sites focus on serving ads, and on clicking them, you get redirected to other sites automatically or after some time. This redirecting is annoying and time-wasting.

Thanks to Google Chrome feature that helps to disable this annoying redirecting. Follow these steps to set it up:

  • Open the Chrome app and search for Chrome flags.
  • On Chrome flags, search “Framebusting” and click on the enable button.
  1. Speed Up Downloading

Downloading large files can be slow at times. And you may not have all the time to wait. But, Chrome has the Parallel downloading feature that can help you download fast on your mobile phone. 

This feature speeds up downloading by opening up multiple connections for downloading a single file. Set it up as follows:

  • Open the Chrome app and search for Chrome flags.
  • Search “Parallel downloading” on Chrome flags and click the enable button.

Improve Your Browsing

You can improve your browsing experience on your mobile phone with these five Chrome mobile features. They are readily available and simple to set up. Do not hesitate to try them out.

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