Best Phone Apps for Hiking Fans in Australia

Technology has allowed us to have apps for almost everything, and hiking is not left behind. Since we carry our phones everywhere, why not make the best use of technology? 

Mobile apps are like a more knowledgeable personal assistant. They can do the hard work for you by helping you find new trials, must-see views, and most importantly, ensure your safety in the wild.

If you plan to go out for an adventurous hike, you may want to know which mobile apps can give you useful resources to make your experience more glamorous. 

This article looks at five of the best hiking apps in Australia, and the good thing is that most of these apps are free. Let’s dive in.

Pocket Earth

Would you like to have a free navigation app? Well, Pocket Earth is an app developed by GeoMagik LLC for iPad, iPad Touch, and iPhone for navigation. It uses NaturalEarth and OpenStreetMap data to give you reliable OpenGL-based maps for any region, town, country, and city. 

This app also has downloadable prepackaged travel guides and Wikipedia articles translated into different languages. Though the app is free, you can incur an optional cost to unlock metrics and contours.

Screenshot from Apple App Store

Avenza Maps

Screenshot from Apple App Store

Avenza Maps is another useful navigation app for offline use on Android or iOS. With this app, you can use your phone’s built-in GPS  to know your location, measure distance, and plot photos without a network or Internet.

The next time you are going out hiking, camping, riding or climbing, in a remote place,  you can use this app to stay on trial, on track, and safe. The app is free.


When going out for a hike, it’s critical to have a backup plan in case an emergency such as injury, animal attack, criminal attack, and loss of direction occur. Emergency+ is a free app developed by the National Triple Zero Awareness Work Group in association with Australia’s emergency to solve emergency cases.

To report an emergency, you dial triple zero, and the app will use your phone’s GPS  to help you give the emergency call-taker your exact location. This app also has a police assistance line and SES to direct non-emergency calls appropriately. 

Screenshot from Apple App Store

BOM Weather

Screenshot from Apple App Store

What’s your perfect hiking weather? Well, probably you said blue skies, puffy white skies, and a gentle breeze.  Though this is ideal weather for any hike lover, the weather can change abruptly nowadays. BOM weather is an Australian Meteorology weather app that can help you with accurate information about the weather.

The app provides weather information about the prevailing weather, forecasts, rain radar, and warnings for any region in Australia.  This app is free, and it will maximize your safety while hiking.

Sun Surveyor

If you are a budding photographer, Sun Surveyor is the right app for you. It helps you keep the sun and the moon trails to capture scenic photographs. With the app, you can predict the moonrise, moonset, sunrise, sunset, blue hour, and golden hour.

Professionals use the app, but keen photographers can take great shots too. Unlike the above apps we have looked at, this one is not free. 

Screenshot from Apple App Store

Final Thoughts

If you love hiking, you should take advantage of apps to improve your experience and safety. Most apps are free, so you will not have to break your bank. We selected the five best hiking apps for you, but there are many others that can make your hiking adventurous.

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