Protect Your AirPods and Galaxy Buds Cases with Our Stylish Covers

If you’ve got an iPhone or a Samsung phone, then you’re likely to have Airpods or Galaxy buds. If you’ve got any of the two, the exclusive protection for your AirPods or Galaxy Buds would be your major concern. Luckily, both AirPods and Galaxy Buds come in protective “charging” cases.

These charging cases, though functional, do leave little or nothing to be desired in the practicality department. Hence, the need for a stylish cover. This is why iCoverLover comes in with a whole range of stylish covers for your wireless earphones – iPhone Airpods or Samsung Galaxy Buds.

You can get pretty creative with your Airpods and Earbuds using any of these sleek, colourful, and protective covers in our collection that matches your personality. Whether you need a simple silicone cover that fits seamlessly over the case (without the misalignment or slippage that plagues other covers) or a protective leather cover, we’ve got your Airpods and Galaxy Buds case needs covered.

Our covers are crafted in a wide range of colours and styles and are made from high-quality materials. You’ll surely find something that catches your attention. Some stylish covers in our collections include:

AirPods Pro Case, Silicone Protective Earphone Cover, Dust-proof, Dirt-resistant

Add some style to your iPhone with this silicone protective cover. It is slim and elegant and will protect your lovely Airpods from dirt, scratches, dust, and bumps. It is pleasant to the touch and will fit perfectly over your Airpods Pro case. It is available in various colours and costs only $27.99.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live / Galaxy Buds Pro Case, Silicone Protective Case, Hook

This cover adds elegance and style to your Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Pro. It is beautiful, sleek, protective, and pleasant to the touch. It perfectly matches every style and occasion and is available in various colours. This beautiful cover costs $35.99.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live / Galaxy Buds Pro Case, Anti-fall Silicone Protective Storage Box, Hook

The anti-fall feature of this cover is amazing. It will protect your lovely Buds from any form of damage like dust, scratches, bumps, and so on. This silicone protective storage box fits perfectly over your headphones case. It is available in various colours and is priced at $35.99.

 Apple AirPods Pro Case, Protective PU Leather Cover with Hook

Get creative with your Airpods Pro with this leather cover.  This original leather is durable and offers all-around protection for your Airpods charging case. It also protects them from many impacts. The design can match every style and occasion. This cover costs $35.99 and is available in different colours.

The list of stylish covers in our collection is inexhaustible, simply visit our collection to make your choice. Don’t forget to pair your new Airpods or Galaxy Buds cover with a coordinating iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Series case respectively. You can also get a wide range of screen protectors and other accessories for your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones from our online shop.

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