What’s new with Android 12?

Google has been consistent in making updates to its operating system. These updates alternate between design and new feature changes. However, over the last four years, Google’s updates have not yielded much fruit when improving the experience of millions of users of their operating system.

So, every time Google announces the launching of a new feature, we wait eagerly to see if it will make a difference. 

In 2020, Google announced the launching of Android 12 in 2021. And true to their word, in October 2021 they delivered. This time, the changes are noticeable and worth your attention. Not only does Android 12 include new features, but also a new design, which is a deviation from their previous years’ trend. 

Want to know what Android 12 has in store? Let’s dive deeper to discover some of the new design elements and new features.

New Design Elements in Android 12

Widget Emphasis

Unlike other models, Android 12 puts a heavy emphasis on the widget. It is modernly rebuilt to allow easy scrolling. Also, it has an API to improve the widget functionality. 

Although most of the widgets available are similar to the previous ones, the Material You theming feature can help personalize the widget into a suitable look for your screen.

Colour Extraction

Nothing makes your phone more attractive than a touch of your favourite colour. With the new operating system, it is possible to have the colour you want everywhere across the system.

The operating system extracts the colour of your wallpaper and applies it to the widget, settings, and every app with Material You support.

Photos: Android.com


Google has also expressed interest in notifications. The notification window has a new look, and notifications are organized in terms of apps. Instead of swiping notifications, you can snooze them using a new snooze control feature for the desired amount of time.

Quick Settings

The Quick Settings also have a new look devoid of the small rounded icons. Larger rectangular buttons with rounded corners have replaced them. 

Though different in Outlook, the new tiles work like the old ones. But, the text and the icon are now in an individual tile. You can access four tiles with a single pull-down and eight with a double pull-down. There are also new tiles for a microphone, camera,  Google Pay, and alerts.

New Features in Android 12


AppSearch is a search feature within an app. It explores the content inside your app to deliver what you are searching for fast. This feature is usable offline and online.

Photo: Android.com

Scrolling Screenshot

This feature has been in existence for a long time. However, having it in Android 12 increases user-friendliness. If you take a screenshot and have not covered every detail of your interest, you can click the capture more option.

After taking the screenshot, you can edit it if you wish. New edit features also allow you to resize, add text or emojis.

One Hand Mode

Due to the large screen size, you may strain to use the app using one hand. But, Android 12 has a one-hand mode that drags down the app you are using halfway through the screen. This makes the top of the app easily reachable.

New Autorotate

Android 12 has an autorotate determined by your face orientation. This is an upgrade from the original autorotate, which depends on the phone’s accelerometer.  The phone scans your face and only changes according to the direction of your face.

The new Android 12 is an upgrade compared to Google’s previous updates. It has new features and design elements that can improve your smartphone experience. The Android 12 is currently only available for Google and most of Samsung’s flagship phones. If you own a non-Google phone, you will need to wait until the company that makes your smartphone rolls out the Android 12 update for your specific phone model. These are expected to roll out in the first few months of 2022.

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