Best Apps for Home and Interior Design

Are you planning to spruce up your home, build an extension, or give your interior a new touch of style? While you can turn to pros for ideas, there are tons of professional home and interior design apps that can help you develop an ideal plan for your project.

Most of these apps are accessible, user-friendly, and loaded with unique designs for all your home and interior design needs. Here are the five best apps you should look out for.

  1. Houzz

Whether constructing, renovating, or decorating your home, the Houzz app has your back. You can browse over 15 million downloadable home exterior and interior photos with this app. 

It has links to where you can buy materials such as tiles, furniture, vanities, cabinets, and more. During featured sales, you can get up to a 75% discount. 

Also, it allows you to connect with professionals who can take over your projects, such as contractors, architects, renovators, and interior decorators.

If you need any advice, the Houzz app has an interactive section where you can discuss your project with a knowledgeable community and get helpful insights. 

  1. RoomScan Pro

Are you struggling to find the best floor plan for your house? Well, with the RoomScan Pro app, you can generate a floor plan for your room within minutes. 

This app uses in-built hardware that allows you to scan your room with just a tap on your screen. It records the lengths, position, and orientation of all walls in your room. It then provides you with 3D images to visualize new furnishing and décor you so desire.

Apart from scanning floors in your room, it is also useful for scanning gardens and exteriors.

  1. Havenly

With so many interior designers in the market, it can be overwhelming to find the best fit for your home. But with Havenly you can find a professional who deals with the style you want.

The app is suitable if you are stuck on planning and need fast answers to get going with your project. App Havenly matches you with a perfect designer with whom you can explore your style and make a personalized list for all items you need. 

You also get photos of your design and links to buy items on your shopping list from Havenly.

  1. HomeStyler

This app allows you to work on home décor and renovation projects while having fun by interacting with a vibrant online community.

Every week, HomeStyler updates new décor styles you can try out in your home. You can take a photo of your room and upload it through a camera roll to see how different designs would look on your space. 

You can also create a DIY décor profile and share it with friends for likes, comments, and following.  If you want to improve your creativity and design skills, this app is for you.

  1. Planner 5D

Even without professional skills, you can use Planner 5D to create a modern interior design and try different plans for your house. 

You get to see how different pieces of furniture, textures, colours, and floor plans would look like in your space. The app has a library with different difficulties for all your sketching needs.

Ready to Up Your Home and Interior Design Game?

If you love interior design, these are some of the apps you should try out to give your home a modern look.  They are downloadable on your smartphone and easy to use. Try them out today for exceptional home and interior design ideas.

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