Apple Maps Updates to Get Excited about in Australia

Did you know that you can use the new Apple Maps for accurate and faster navigation of your journey anywhere in Australia? Apple has launched updated maps with three-dimensional landmarks and comprehensive coverage of buildings, parks, airports, roads, and shopping centers to help you easily locate any destination. If the updates above do not excite you, you may want to check out these other features. 

Maps Privacy Feature

Apple is concerned about your welfare and has included privacy features in Maps to ensure your personal information is safe. There is no sign-in required to use the Maps to keep your identity anonymous.  

On-device intelligence generates personalized information and updates regularly to prevent connecting search details to a specific user. With the feature, you are assured that your information is safe and no one can access it but you.

A Modern Navigation Experience

Photo: Apple Maps

Apart from the new maps, Apple has incorporated new features to help you navigate and explore Australia.

Siri Natural Language Guidance is one feature that allows you to have a conversational interaction with your app. As such, it can give verbal directions that are easy to follow. For example, it can give instructions such as, “At the next street light, turn right.”  

You can also inform Siri of any hazards, speed checks, or accidents along your route and report when such incidents are cleared off the road.

It is common to make wrong turns when using lanes. But with Apple Maps, this problem is sorted. The app has lane guidance that ensures you do not miss direction or take the wrong turn by matching you in the right lane when you need to enter an elevated road or take a turn.

The maps also have visible speed cameras that give a warning when you are approaching red-light and speed cameras along the way.

Another appealing feature is Share ETA, which allows you to share an estimated arrival time with someone awaiting you. It enables them to follow you along with your journey and keep updating them of any changes in arrival time due to road delays.

iOS 15 allows you to locate a nearby station and pin the line you like. 

Photo: Apple Maps

“Look Around” Explore Feature

With Look Around, you can explore anywhere in Australia because the maps come with three-dimension photographs, high-resolution street images, and coherent connections of Australian cities. It allows you to interact with your surrounding comprehensively. Also, you can navigate Australia from anywhere in the world.

Guided Directions

A soon to be activated feature for Melbourne and Sydney uses a step-by-step guided direction. By simply scanning a unique landmark with an iPhone, such as a building, the map will give detailed directions that are relatable in the real world. With the guide, it will be possible to list attractive sites and places to shop and eat.

Other Features

  • Flyovers- This feature lets you explore the city from space and enjoy high-resolution photos with a three-dimensional view.
  • Favourites- It allows navigation of the places you often visit, such as work, gym, home, or school.
  • Indoor Maps- It is useful in shopping centres and airports to locate open stores, restrooms, and heights above the ground.

We see no reason to not hesitate and use Apple Maps for a unique navigation experience. The use of 3D images and comprehensive coverage of landmarks will help you locate any place quickly and accurately.

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