Apple’s Plan for Charging Devices in the Future

It is unlikely for Apple to unveil plans for new technology and cancel them later. However, this happened with the launch of AirPower that was quite hyped up. The AirPower would have charged an Apple Watch, Airpod, and iPhone simultaneously.  In its place, Apple released MagSafe, and the dreams of releasing a multi-charging device seemed shattered. That is not the case, though, because according to Apple’s reporter Mark Gurman, it seems Apple has not given up on their plans.

Apple’s Evolution of Chargers

Apple is one company that does not have reservations about making good use of technology. If you want to understand how 21st-century tech has unfolded, check the evolution of Apple’s chargers and batteries. For instance, the first iPhone had a 5W adapter and a 5VIA charger. Fourteen years later, it has transitioned into a MagSafe charging powerhouse. At every stage of development, Apple has aimed to provide strong, fast charging and durable chargers.

The modest Apple charging technology is MagSafe which was launched in 2019. It is a device that attaches magnetically to the phone, unlike the usual USB cables.  It uses magnetic strength to align the phone to a wireless charger to increase the charging rate. The device can snap on and off, making it easy to connect. Its magnetic nature and internal properties make it more efficient than QI chargers. 

In 2017, Apple had announced the launch of AirPower which was discontinued after running into developmental challenges. According to recent information, it seems Apple did not give up on its dream of launching a wireless multi-device charger.

Apple’s Multi-Device Charger

Photo: Apple

According to Dan Riccio, Apple’s software engineer, the future is wireless.  For this reason, Apple is committed to incorporating wireless technology into their devices. Despite the setback of AirPower’s failure, Apple has embarked on developing a similar but better multi-device charger. Bloomberg newsletter reveals that the new invention will allow devices to charge each other and wireless charging over a long and short distance. 

Apple has a variety of chargers in the market, such as Magsafe that can charge the recent models of iPhone. However, their goal is to provide a future where the hardware does not need to charge the power source. This technology will be wireless and see devices such as Apple Watch and AirPods charge over long-range and short-range. Also, it will be possible to see an iPhone charging an Airpod wirelessly and vice versa.  

Why the Persistence in Developing Multi-Device Charger?

Technology should be convenient, flexible, and efficient. This explains why Apple is so adept at improving its models repeatedly. The new model is expected to bring convenience through reverse charging.  As such, it will be possible to convert a device capable of charging into a power station and charge other devices.  On flexibility, it will be possible to charge any device from short and long-distance. All these efforts are geared towards creating a future where Apple product users will overcome the hurdles caused by the current technology. 

The future is bright with Apple, and although their AirPower failed to work, there is a glimpse of hope in this model.  It has been four years since they announced their intention of a wireless multi-charging device, and this has given them ample time to research deeply. Since Apple does not disappoint in making superior products, all we can do is hope the multi-device charger will be available soon.

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