A Deeper Look Inside the Metaverse

It is no longer news that the Facebook mother company, “Facebook Inc.,” has changed its name to “Meta,” which means beyond. The Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, also announced recently that he would be building a “Metaverse.” 

To achieve this, Zuckerberg announced that he would be hiring 10,000 people in Europe to develop the Metaverse. There was huge excitement about the Metaverse among big tech firms and wealthy investors, and nobody wants to be left behind in this concept. Some people, including Facebook, are referring to Metaverse as the future of the internet, but what exactly is it? Let’s take a deeper look inside the Metaverse.

What is the Metaverse?

While a layperson may consider Metaverse as another enhanced version of Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR), Metaverse is indeed greater than that. Comparing Metaverse to VR is like comparing modern-day smartphones to the mobile phones of the 1980s. Unlike the current VR that can only be accessed using a computer, users need just a headset to enter into the Metaverse – a virtual world connecting different digital environments.

While VR is mostly used for gaming, the Metaverse can be used for almost everything – work, concerts, play, cinema trips, and so on. Some people envisage that users would have a 3-D avatar of themselves as they use it. However, this is still just an idea and there is no single agreed definition of the Metaverse.

According to Zuckerberg’s vision of the Metaverse, the virtual world would contain public rooms, spaces for games, dedicated workspaces, and home spaces that can be customized. Users may choose to keep their domains private or invite other people into their domains.

Is Facebook the Only One Interested in The Metaverse?

Although Facebook has made developing the Metaverse one of its biggest priorities, the company is not the only one interested in the technology. According to Facebook, the Metaverse “won’t be built overnight by a single company.” Hence, the company has promised to collaborate with other firms to achieve the success of the technology. For instance, Facebook recently invested $50m (AUD67.3m) in funding non-profit groups to help “build the Metaverse responsibly.”

Aside from Facebook, other tech firms have shared the concept of this virtual world. Though it wasn’t Metaverse, it has some common ideas as Metaverse. For instance, Fortnite expanded its brand events, hosting concerts, products, and more in its virtual world. Roblox also launched a similar digital platform for lots of individual games interconnected to the larger ecosystem. A 3-D development platform, Unity, has invested in the technology called “digital twins” – digital copies of the real world. Nvidia is building its “Omniverse,” a platform the company claims would connect 3D virtual worlds.

Does Metaverse or Similar Technology Exist Yet?

For now, the Metaverse or any similar technology is in the early stages. Facebook stated that the actual Metaverse idea will take about 10 to 15 years more to come into reality – so don’t expect to jump into the Metaverse soon. However, one thing is certain: the Metaverse’s evolution would be fought among some tech giants for a substantial period.

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