Will Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra Replace the Galaxy Note?

Every year, Samsung takes the lead in launching the latest Android phone brand. In 2021, it introduced S Pen functionality to Galaxy S21 Ultra. This shift from the original Note series seems to be evolving because, in early 2022, Samsung is expected to launch Galaxy S22 series. This series will include Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy S22+, and the usual Galaxy S22.

Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S22+ will have improved cameras, powerful features, and higher positioning. However, Galaxy S22 Ultra is the most appealing because it is likely to take the position of the Galaxy Note series based on its design and features. Leaked photos of Galaxy S22 Ultra show a  striking semblance with Note series from blocky design, rounded edges to S Pen slot.

Is Samsung Wiping Out the Galaxy Note Series?

Photo credit: Samsung

Samsung did not launch Galaxy Note 21 this year due to a shortage of semiconductors. Though it did not confirm its intent to replace the Note series, credible sources report that it will stop producing the Galaxy Note 20 series by the end of 2021. This year’s production of 3.2 billion units of Galaxy Note 20 is to meet the current demand in the market.

Owners of the Galaxy Note 20 series who had hoped to upgrade their model experienced a big blow this year. The only option they had was Z Fold 3 or the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which have an S Pen and an active screen digitizer. However, the two lack a stylus silo, and you have to carry an S Pen tacked on.

Initially, the S Pen and big size display were the enticing baits in the Galaxy Note series. With time, however, other Android companies introduced similar models. The market’s oversaturation with similar units has resulted in a decline in the Galaxy Note series demand. For instance, the demand went down from 12.7 million units in 2019 to 9.7 million units in 2020. Samsung appears to be giving attention to the Galaxy S series.

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra Will Replace the Galaxy Note

Although the Galaxy Note series will soon be extinct, Samsung is incorporating some of its features in the Galaxy S series.  The Galaxy S 21 Ultra launched this year featured an S Pen similar to the Note series. Next year, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will take the mantle higher by featuring unique features of the Galaxy Note series.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra adopts the Note’s more angular form, separating it from its S22 and S22+ designs. The Galaxy S22 series will also have the same 19:3:9 aspect ratio as the Note 20 Ultra, portraying nearly identical footprints. However, the S22 Ultra has a smaller screen diagonal hence a shorter chassis. 

Photo credit: GSMArena

While the S22 Ultra resembles the Note 20 Ultra in size and shape, the backside quickly dispels the resemblance. Unlike Note 20 Ultra, which has a camera area with a camera island, the S22 Ultra has a camera archipelago where each sensor kit and lens emerges separately from the back.  Also, S22 Ultra will be available in green, burgundy red, white and black, which are different from the bronze, black, and white of the Note 20 Ultra.

It’s Over for Galaxy Note Series

Though Samsung’s  Galaxy Note era has ended, the Ultra model of the Galaxy S series is taking over its reign. This is good news to the Note users because the Galaxy S22 Ultra will resemble the Galaxy Note series in size, shape and have an S Pen and an S Pen slot.

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