Top 5 Christmas Inspired Mobile Apps

The holidays are upon us, and you can make it even more cheerful with Christmas-inspired mobile apps. For a lot, Christmas is the most engaging and fun-filled of all the holidays. It comes with decorating, spending time with family, sharing gifts, listening to carols, and making wishlists. If you are looking for a way to make each Christmas activity merrier, many apps are designed to keep you in the holiday spirit. Here are five apps that can give your Christmas a splendorous touch.

  1. Christmas Wallpaper App

Nothing gives Christmas a better feel than Christmas trees. If you are a fan, you should check out the Christmas Wallpaper app to decorate your phone. This app comes with animated mobile wallpapers, and it is free. The animated aspects include snowflakes, Christmas lights, fireplace, and garlands.  The app stays asleep when the phone is inactive to save your mobile battery. It uses a gyroscope and touch sensitivity to give you a bewildering experience.

  1. Christmas Gift List App

Buying gifts for your family and friends makes them feel appreciated and valued. Have you ever forgotten to give a gift to a friend or a family member during the holiday? If yes, the Christmas Gift List app is the solution not to fall for that again. It is the best app for creating and tracking your gift list. You can set the price for each person’s gift and mark the purchased and wrapped presents on the app. Once the list is complete, you can access it through email, tweet, and Evernote. The good thing is, the app is password-protected so that no one can have access to your gift list but you.

  1. Santa Video Call App

If you have kids, this is the time to make them feel special by getting them to talk to Santa. All this is made possible by the Santa Video app allowing your children to voice call, video call, and message Santa in a personalized way. The app will enable you to feed your child’s name, date of birth, favourite food, colour, game, and show. Then Santa will make a beautiful message directly referring to them. This app is highly customizable to give your kids unlimited interactive fun with Santa.  

Photo: Google Play
  1. Christmas Photo Frames Apps

Christmas is full of wonderful moments worth capturing in photos. With Christmas Photo Frames apps, you can make your pictures more memorable by giving them a Christmas theme. The app has a variety of templates you can choose from for your photos and those of your loved ones. Not only can you select a frame, but you can also add stickers and filters to make the photos incredible. 

  1. Christmas Radio 

It is not Christmas without music. The first Christmas song has a way of assuring one the festive season has begun. No matter what taste you prefer, there is always something for everyone. The Christmas Radio app streams endless Christmas hits of every genre. The app has over 100 stations broadcasting worldwide that you can choose from. It is free and can be used on any network connection. You can use it to share Christmas joy with your family and friends.

Bring Christmas to Your Phone

The holiday season is more joyful and colourful with technology. Though many Christmas apps are available, we have looked at the five best ones to heighten your Christmas mood. This year, bring Christmas to your home and your phone by trying out these fantastic apps. Or get a Christmas inspired phone accessory.

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