We Love Animals – Here Are Some of Our Favourite Pets and Wildlife Inspired Mobile Accessories

Are you tech-savvy but also an animal lover and want to add some cute and cuddly animal designs to your smartphone or tablet? Or you’ve got a pet or wildlife lover on your holiday shopping list this year, and you’re thinking of some adorable animal designs to give as a gift? Here is a good ground to start off. At iCoverLover, you will find several adorable animal-inspired mobile accessories for any device.

These adorable animal-inspired mobile accessories offer some creative options for those who simply adore pets or wildlife animals. They will certainly add a light-hearted and unique animalistic touch to any mobile device. You can make a statement with these pet art phone cases. Most of these cases are made of TPU, which makes them durable and perfect for everyday use. 

French Bulldog Leather Wallet iPad 2017, 2018 9.7-inch Case

If you’re a dog lover, you will love this iPad wallet. This protective PU leather wallet features the picture of a realistic French bulldog on its back. This beautiful cover will protect your iPad from dust and damage. Get it for $35.99.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra/Note 20 Case, Tough Protective Back Cover, Black & Tan Dachshund

If you love the Dachshund dog breed or have one as a pet, you will think this phone case is absolutely adorable. The cover features a Black & Tan Dachshund dog on its back. It is tough and protective and will protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 from damages. It costs just $49.99.

iPhone 13 Pro Max, 13, 13 Pro, 13 mini Case, Leopard Print Folio PU Leather Wallet Cover, Card Slot, Holder, White

Did you just get the latest iPhone 13 phone? Why don’t you get in touch with your wild side with this Leopard print folio PU leather wallet cover? This iPhone 13 wallet cover adds a wildlife vibe to your phone. The case comes with a free screen protector and splash bag. It costs only $37.99.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra/Note 20 Case, Tough Protective Back Cover, Dingo

If you love Dingos, then you will love this phone case. The cover features a Dingo dog standing on top of a car. It is tough and protective and will protect your Samsung Galaxy from damages. It is compatible with wireless charging and costs $49.99.  

iPhone XS Max Case Panda Pattern Clear Varnish Painting Soft TPU Cover

You wouldn’t want to meet a panda in the woods but you can have it on your iPhone XS Max phone cover. This cover features the patterns of cute Panda faces on a clear background. It fits neatly and firmly on your iPhone and protects it against unpleasant conditions, water, and dust. This back cover is priced at $27.99.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Case Rose Gold Embossed Butterflies Pattern PU Leather Folio Cover with Card & Cash Slots, Stand

This Samsung Galaxy PU leather cover is best suited for those who love butterflies. The cover features beautiful embossed butterfly patterns on its back. This cover is not only durable and protective but also features a stand and cash/card slots. It costs just $39.99 and comes with a free screen protector and a free splash bag.

If you want to enhance the look and protection of your phone, these tough animal-inspired phone covers have come to your rescue. These phone cases offer the right protection for your phone while also allowing you to add a light-hearted and unique animalistic touch to your mobile phone.

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