Focus on Google Lens

It’s about four years since Google Lens was launched yet not so many people know, understand, or have used this amazing product. If you’re still wondering what Google Lens is and how to use it, then this post is for you. Let’s have a closer look at Google Lens and find out everything you need to know about it.

What is Google Lens?

Launched on 4th October 2017, Google Lens was specially designed to turn your camera (or gallery) into a search box. Google Lens analyses whatever you see and gives you results in real-time using visual analysis based on a neural network. Google Lens brings up relevant information related to images or objects it identifies, telling you what the image is, and giving you links to related objects/images for better understanding.

For instance, if you see an object you haven’t seen before and don’t know what it is, Google Lens will help you recognize the object and bring more relevant information about the object. Google Lens brings together AI and Google’s Computer vision to enable you to access the Google search engine in a new way – through your camera (or photo gallery).

How Google Lens Works?

Using Google Lens is as simple as a breeze. Google Lens works in three main ways: through the Google Lens app, through the camera app, and through the photo gallery.

Using The Google Lens App

If the Google Lens app is not pre-installed on your smartphone, you can download and install it from the Play Store. After installation, tap to open the app, the app comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface. Tap on “Search with your camera” and point your camera to the object you want to search – let the object fall within the frame. You can turn on or turn off the flash. Then tap the shutter button to capture and scan the object and auto-search for it via the Google search engine. Within a few seconds, several relevant results will be presented to you. You may also tap on any of the photos in your gallery containing the object you want to search for.

Photo: Google Play

Using The Camera App

Most recent smartphones have Google Lens integrated into their camera app. Launch the camera app, tap on the Google Lens icon and point your camera to the object you want to search – let the object fall within the frame. Tap the shutter button, the image is captured and Google Lens analyses the image for a few seconds, giving you relevant results. For now, this feature works only in Photo mode.

Using The Photo Gallery 

This method will only work if your photo gallery is integrated with Google Lens. Google Lens is integrated into some photo apps, such as the Google Photos app, Oppo Photos app, and so on. Launch your photo gallery, select any photo on the Gallery with the object you want to search for. Click the Google Lens icon and let Google Lens analyse the photo within a few seconds. Related results will be displayed to you.

According to information on the Google Play Store, you can use the Google Lens technology to:

  • Take action on text: That is, Google Lens can intelligently analyse the texts within an image, enabling you to search for it on the web, copy and paste, call a number, and so on.
  • Identify plants and animals: With Google Lens, you can find out what a particular animal or plant you saw is.
  • Learn more about the world by exploring popular landmarks and historical facts. 
  • Find any item or object you like: The technology enables you to find similar items (clothes, furniture, home décor, and so on) without having to describe them in the search box. 
  • Shop Smarter: Aside from finding similar items, Google Lens can also direct you to stores or sites where you can buy the item.
  • Scan and translate text: Translate text in real time. This is especially helpful when you are visiting a foreign country.

General Note

  • You can use any of the methods above to search for any image as long as Google Lens can analyse it.
  • You would need a working network connection to use Google Lens.

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