What Will Smartphones Look Like in 10 or 20 Years from Now?

With the continuous increase in technology, no one can tell exactly what the future holds – though predictions are possible. Foldable phones, 5G-enabled phones, and other more advanced smartphones are now available in the market. But who knows what smartphones will look like 10 or 20 years from now? Here are some ideas of the future – although these ideas may look like science fiction now, they could eventually become a reality.

Over-the-air (OTA) Charging

This is one feature that everyone is currently looking forward to but it may not come to reality until 10 or 20 years from now. For now, once your smartphone runs out of power, you can either plug it into the main or place it on a wireless charging pad (if supported) for a couple of hours. However, charging your phone could be done differently in the future with air charging.

Currently, several manufacturers, such as Xiaomi and Motorola, have proposed and presented choreographed demonstrations of the over-the-air charging for smartphones. However, none of them has launched an over-the-air charger yet. Instead of a charging transmitter for OTA charging, manufacturers may consider charging on solar power. Though with the OTA charging, no one will have to worry about running out of battery again, it’s not clear when this “goodbye port” tech will emerge – possible in the future.

Mind Control

In the next 10 or 20 years, the ability to mind-control smartphones may be possible. For instance, about two decades ago, the only way to interact with your phone was with a physical keypad. But now, this has been replaced by on-screen (virtual) keyboards and voice commands. The next technology for interacting with phones might be mind control. 

The mind-control technology would enable phone users to use their minds to perform tasks done through touch or voice now, such as type and send texts, activate camera/take a snapshot, play a specific music/video, open an app, and so on.

While this tech would make the use of smartphones a lot, it’s still very far away from reality. Though scientists claim to be making progress in this field presently.

Stretchable Phones

We already have foldable phones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, but stretchable phones may be the technology of the future. Instead of unfolding a smartphone for more screen like with the current folding phones, you would simply pull the phone from its two sides to stretch and increase its size, just like a rubber band (but it won’t just bounce back to its original flat shape.

This tech will enable you to quickly increase the size of the phone by stretching it when you need to watch videos and you can press it together to make it smaller to fit into your pocket. Although Samsung announced a prototype of a stretchable phone some years ago, the prototype bounces itself back to its original shape.

Changing Colours

Smartphones are available in different colours and choosing a suitable colour can sometimes be a tug of war – some colours are boring while some will give your smartphone a toy look. However, the changing colour technology will enable users to change their phones to any colour they want via the settings. Smartphones will come with a transparent cover material that can fully absorb light. 

In conclusion, those features listed above are our idea of what smartphones will look like 10 to 20 years from now. But the real question should be, “will there be smartphones 10 to 20 years from now?” Perhaps, the smartphones of the future would be entirely virtual or get replaced by what looks like regular glasses – imagine the name, “iPhone Glass”.

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