4 Best Food Delivery Apps & Services in Australia

The modern-day busy lifestyle and schedule in Australia have made it a bit difficult for a lot of people to prepare food at home or find time to dine out. This subsequently increased the demand for online food delivery services via food delivery apps and services. Food delivery apps and services are online platforms that connect restaurants with customers who want to order their food(s). This post presents the four best food delivery apps and services in Australia.


Deliveroo connects customers with high-quality restaurants that supply a wide variety of foods, from popular burger chains to top Italian trattorias. The average delivery time is 32mins. Using this food app is pretty easy. You simply need to enter your location into the app to find out what food is available within your delivery zone. With Deliveroo, food deliveries are available every day until late at night – although food delivery service availability varies between restaurants. This app also allows customers to schedule their food order in advance – up to a day. 

Deliveroo doesn’t accept payment on delivery but only credit/debit card payments. This app is rated best for overall customer satisfaction and achieved 5-star reviews for the availability of a variety of meals, customer services, reliability, and on-time food delivery, and value for money – though it got a 4-star review for app navigation.


DoorDash connects people with eligible and high-quality local restaurants for either food delivery or pick-up. On either the DoorDash app or website, people can place an order for both immediate delivery or scheduled delivery. DoorDash claimed that its average wait time is 40mins, however, this can be more or less depending on external factors like traffic and the distance of the restaurant. DoorDash has expanded its delivery range to cover several cities across Australia.

DoorDash has 5-stars ratings for excellent customer services and value for money, 4-star ratings for reliability, on-time food delivery, and overall satisfaction, and 3-star ratings for the availability of a variety of meals and app navigation.

Uber Eats

The popular ride-sharing Uber service went from just dropping customers off at restaurants to dropping food at customers’ doorsteps. This app enables users to browse by region, food type, or by the restaurant. You can also search a specific restaurant for any type of local food, which will be delivered to your specified location. Uber Eats allows users to track their food orders and receive estimated delivery times as the restaurant accepts the order, begins food preparation, and sends off the food for delivery. 

Also, Uber Eats will show you the name and picture of the agent that will deliver your food – either by a scooter, bike, or car. The app enables scheduling of food orders in advance and you can also customise your delivery point with choices, which include curbside collection, meeting in the lobby, and door-to-door service. This food delivery service has 5-star ratings in most categories, 4-star ratings for overall satisfaction and 3-star ratings for value for money.


Menulog has been serving Australians since 2006 before merging recently with “Just Eat Takeaway” to become one of the top food delivery services in Australia. Menulog offers a platform where you can find local restaurants and order them for either pick-up, delivery, or catering. In the Menulog app or website, you can browse food delivery by location, food category, or particular meals.

Menulog has 4-star ratings in most categories and 3-star ratings for reliability and on-time delivery and overall customer satisfaction.

Those are our 4 best food delivery apps and services in Australia. We hope you will enjoy their amazing food delivery services. Don’t forget to get amazing smartphone covers and accessories for your smartphone.
Bon appetit!

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