Most Common iPhone Issues and Solutions

iPhones deliver smooth and seamless performance, which makes them stand out from other smartphones. However, this doesn’t mean that iPhones don’t have their fair share of issues. Irrespective of the model of iPhone you’re using or the version of iOS it is running, there are various reasons for iPhone issues. Here are some of the most common iPhone issues and their viable solutions.

Quick Battery Drain

This is one of the common iPhone issues. Some users may experience this issue after an iOS upgrade. The first solution to tackle this issue is to turn off unwanted apps, especially those that consume more battery power. You may also consider uninstalling some apps you don’t use. If the issue persists, try a factory reset. You may also need to contact a service provider as soon as possible.

Wi-Fi Is Not Getting Connected

If this is the issue you’re facing or the Wi-Fi is slow, the solution is pretty simple. Simply restart your iPhone. Press and hold the home button and lock button simultaneously until the Apple logo displays on the screen. Once your iPhone has restarted, the Wi-Fi should connect. However, if the issue persists, navigate to Wi-Fi in the Settings app and change the HTTP proxy to auto settings.

Apps Freeze/Crash Randomly

Freezing or crashing apps is another common issue with iPhones. You may experience freezing or crashing apps if those apps are outdated or if your iPhone is running low in memory. So, ensure that your apps, or the concerned apps, are updated to the latest version in the App Store. Also, try as much as possible to leave sufficient memory on your iPhone. 

iPhone Stuck at Apple Logo

If your iPhone is experiencing a “stuck at Apple logo” issue, then you need to force restart or hard reset your device – this mostly fixes this issue. Please note that ​​a hard reset means removing everything that is on your iPhone. Performing a hard reset wipes out all the data from your device. Only do this if you have no other options.

iPhone Data Lost

This is a very common issue that usually occurs after an update or when the iPhone’s memory is full. It’s quite frustrating to lose all the important data from your iPhone. The best solution is to have an iCloud backup set up. When you sync your iPhone data to the cloud, you are able to easily restore any lost data, which is safely stored in the iCloud. We recommend you opt for a cloud service to avoid losing important data.

Not Charging

Another common issue is when the battery is not charging when the iPhone is plugged in. There are several factors responsible for this issue but foremost, you need to ensure that the charger is not damaged and should be plugged in securely. Try to switch to a different outlet if that doesn’t work. Check the iPhone’s charging port for dust and debris, and if there is any, gently wipe them off.  If the issue persists, try the charger or connection cable with other Apple devices to ensure that the charger or connection cable is working. You can also force restart your iPhone, or try a factory reset if the problem persists. If all these don’t work, then contact the nearest service provider.

The Touchscreen Is Not Working

Sometimes, the touchscreen of your iPhone may stop working or it may even display only a black screen. When you encounter this, the first thing to do is to restart your iPhone but if this doesn’t work, charge your iPhone for about an hour and the issue should be solved. However, if the touchscreen is not working because of a cracked screen, then that’s a hardware problem and you need to get an iPhone screen repair. However, you can prevent cracked screens by getting screen guards and protective phone covers for your iPhone.

If you can’t troubleshoot any of the issues above with the help of our tips we recommend you reach out to a professional and try to get it fixed. And if that fails as well, it is probably time for a new phone. Perhaps you might consider getting the latest iPhone – learn more about the iPhone 13 lineup.

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