What Can We Expect from the Next 2021 Apple event?

In September 2021, Apple launched its new iPhone 13 lineup, Apple Watch 7, and iPad Mini 6 but Apple may still have a few more products to unveil this year.

Prior to Apple’s recent September event, they had held two more events in early 2021 – the tech giant held the 1st event in April, where the company unveiled an iPhone 12 with purple colour, AirTag trackers, colourful iMacs, the new iPad upgrades, and others. Then in June, the company hosted its annual WWDC developers’ event, where developers got a glimpse of Apple’s hardware and software upgrades, such as the iPad OS 15, Watch OS 8, macOS Monterey, and iOS 15. 

With these, people are expectant that every Apple event would unveil a new product. It is rumoured that the fourth Apple event will be held in spring this year but what can we expect from the next 2021 Apple event? While it seems like Apple has already released a majority of its products, there are still some products we expect from Apple this October/November. 

We would like to see the AirPods 3, update to Apple’s M1 chip, a new Mac Pro and MacBook Pro, a bigger iMac run by Apple’s M1 chip, and a more inexpensive Apple Display. We are also expecting Apple’s version of a foldable phone, Apple’s response to the Amazon Echo Show smart display, and Apple AR/VR headset.

Here are some devices we can expect from the next 2021 Apple event:

The AirPods 3

We expect to see the new AirPods 3 or maybe the long-rumoured AirPods Pro-Lite – an intermediate between the AirPods and the AirPods Pro.

14 inches MacBook Pro

The tech giant may be updating its 2.0GHz 13 inches MacBook Pro this spring. The latest MacBook Pro may be coming with a redesign and a bigger 14-inches or 16-inches screen. The MacBook Pro may also get a new Apple-made processor – possibly the M1X silicon chips by Apple – and a 10-core processor. The latest MacBook Pro is expected to have extra ports, 16 / 32 core graphics choices, support for a total of 64GB RAM, charge over MagSafe, and have physical menu keys rather than a Touch Bar. 

Larger iMac

Apple is also expected to develop a larger type of iMac which should come in a 24-inch model with more robust Apple silicon chips.

These are a few things we can expect from the next 2021 Apple event. Note that these are just predictions and Apple reserves the whole right to decide what it launches or not. 

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