Android for Beginners

If you own a new Android device or are interested in buying one, you may probably be excited to know about the Android OS and how it works. In this post, you will find about all the basic functionalities of an android device and helpful information you must know as a beginner Android user. 

The link between Android and Google

As you probably already know, Android is owned and operated by Google and therefore there is a close connection between Android OS and your Google account. When you first switch on your Android phone, you must enter your Google account password and username so that your device will link with your Gmail, Contacts and Google calendar.


Menu, Home, Back and Search, these four buttons are usually found in Android devices. Similar to the back button in your computer browser, the back button of your Android device works the same way, i.e to get back to the previous page. The Home button will get you to the main screen. The Menu button offers extra options depending on the page you are on. If you have an open application, the Menu button will display extra options/functions relevant to that app. Finally, the Search button will allow you to search for almost anything on your device such as apps, stored files, and the web.

Applications, Screens, and Widgets

Similar to the desktop of a computer, the home or main screen of an Android device is where all the app icons or shortcuts are located. Android phones usually have about three to seven screens which you can easily scroll by sliding left or right with your fingers.

On the home screen, you may notice weather, clock, Facebook feed etc being showcased dynamically. These are interactive apps known as widgets which are very much used by Android users.

You can add apps and widgets to the home screen easily. You just have to touch the screen on a vacant space and hold for a few seconds and a pop-up box will appear in which you can select whatever you would like to add.

Installing and uninstalling 3rd-party apps

Your device should be connected to the internet if you want to download paid or free apps. There are plenty of apps available for you to download and install on your device for free. If you want to buy an app, you just have to provide your financial information i.e. credit card, at the time of buying. 

To download an app, simply open the PlayStore app on your device and browser through the collection of apps. Then click on your desired app and click install. The app will be automatically installed on your device. Uninstalling an app is easy too. All you have to do is go to Settings, then Application, Select the App, and press the Uninstall button. 


You can change phone settings by pressing the Menu button and selecting “Setting” to open the phones settings page. You can change different types of settings here like apps, sound, wallpaper, and theme, wireless, security and display settings. You should take a look around your settings page to get a hang of your Android device.


An Android device offers you plenty of options to customize and personalize your phone. With little patience and practice, you can master all the basics of your device.

Remember to protect your phone with a screen protector or a personalised phone cover. A customised phone case will not only save the device from drops but can also give a modern look to your device.

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