How to Keep Your Phone from Overheating?

Is your phone overheating a lot? This guide will explain what causes your phone to overheat and what you can do about it. Read on.

What Causes Your Phone to Overheat?

This question doesn’t have a single answer as there are many reasons why your phone can get hot. Foremost, you should know that all phones get a little bit hot from time to time – this is normal. However, when your phone begins to heat up to the point that it begins to malfunction, exhibit odd behaviours, or you can no longer hold it, then there is a problem.

Sometimes, this overheating may be due to the hot weather (or if you leave the phone in the sun). Sometimes, it may be as a result of hardware or OS problems, malware infection, or a bad battery. Your phone may also overheat if it’s running too many apps in the background or overuse (streaming videos or gaming), leading to increased internal processes.

Whatever may be the culprit, here are ways to keep your phone from overheating:

Avoid keeping your phone in direct sunlight: Overheating is a common issue in the summer when the temperatures start rising outside. Just as you would want to hide in the shade on a hot day to avoid the intense heat from the sun, you should also keep your phone out of the heat of the sun. Try as much as possible to avoid leaving your phone in direct sunlight, as your phone would get warm-up super-fast by the sun’s glare.

The longer your phone remains in the sun, the more it absorbs heat and gets hotter. So, the easiest way to prevent phone overheating is to keep your phone off the sun.

Close all unused apps on your phone: While it’s advisable to uninstall any useless apps on your phone, close up any unused app running in the phone background. These unused apps would only add up to your phone’s processes and make your phone work harder. Therefore, causing it to heat up. 

Turning off all unused app is pretty simple, if you’re using an iPhone, simply press the home button twice and swipe the apps away. For android devices, depending on your version, press the physical button that looks like a rectangle (or two overlapping rectangles) at the bottom. This tip would also increase your phone’s battery life.

Do not turn your screen brightness up: Similar to what useless apps running in your phone’s background does, turning your screen brightness up will cause your phone’s battery to work harder, thereby creating more heat. To enable you to see your phone’s screen better in the sun, invest in an anti-glare cover for your phone.

Take off your phone case: Once in a while, take off your phone case – and let it receive fresh air. While the phone case is offering safety and protecting your phone against dust and moisture, it is also preventing air from getting to the phone and heat from escaping from it. It’s helpful to sometimes remove the phone case to prevent overheating.

Removing the phone case will unblock the phone’s air vents and enable them to fully do their job, enabling your phone to cool down quicker. If you notice that your phone tends to get hot, you may want to replace your wallet phone case with a back phone case.

If you observe the tips above carefully, they will help to keep your phone from overheating. Click here to get today’s best phone cases for your Apple, Google, and Samsung devices at affordable rates.

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