3 Big Camera and Video Upgrades Expected in iPhone 13

It is expected that Apple will announce the launch of the iPhone 13 in less than a month. There are lots of speculations that the latest flagship iPhone line-up for 2021 would feature amazing camera improvements, which include ProRes recording, a Portrait Video Mode, and lots more.

According to a Bloomberg report, the new iPhone 13 will be launched with at least three major video and camera upgrades, which include a Portrait Video mode, in the Pro versions. The inclusion of the Portrait Video mode while shooting videos expands Apple’s synthetic blur effect for background beyond static photographs – this is a welcome feature for Bokeh effect lovers.

Apple first introduced the Portrait mode Bokeh effect for photos in 2016 in its dual-camera iPhone 7 Plus. The Bloomberg report revealed that the video version of the Portrait mode reportedly called “Cinematic Video” will function similarly. This feature will utilise a depth sensor to create the Bokeh effect. 

While Apple introduced the ProRaw format with the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max for more precise editing, the ProRes format for video expected in the new iPhone 13 (likely to be available only to the Pro versions) will offer higher-quality results for creative users and would enable interested users to record video in HD and 8K.

Also, it is reported that Apple will add more filter options. According to Bloomberg, Apple is introducing at least three filter options to enhance photo colour reproduction. The filters are a “balanced style” that shows “realistic colours and shadows with a bright appearance,” a filter for adding more drama, and a filter for tweaking colour temperature. These filters would not be uniformly applied across a photograph. Instead, they will use AI to determine which objects or persons in the photograph should be edited to achieve the desired look. Bloomberg stated that the filter would “accurately apply changes to people and objects with artificial intelligence.”

It is also reported that the iPhone 13 would come in similar four display sizes like iPhone 12 – 5.4 inches for iPhone 13 mini, 6.1 inches for the standard as well as pro size, and 6.7 inches for the pro max. Bloomberg did not report on whether the iPhone 13 would feature 120 Hz ProMotion screens or not, but the Bloomberg report stated that Apple would add “new screen tech that can enable a fast refresh rate to experience smoother scrolling.” Another rumour revealed that that ProMotion screen would be featured but would be restricted to the Pro and Pro Max models.

While these are the major updates about the iPhone 13, other rumours include replacing the infamous notch with a punch-hole display, a faster A15 processor, bigger batteries, and 120Hz refresh rates. We expect Apple to announce the release of the iPhone 13 in the middle of September and start selling it later that month.

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