Best Health Mobile Apps

Living a healthy lifestyle goes beyond just observing proper nutrition and consistent exercise. Staying healthy also involves taking care of your body and mind, getting enough sleep, and managing things like medications and medical appointments. Living a healthy lifestyle can make you feel better, leading to lower hospital bills.

There are several health and fitness mobile apps out there that can help you live and manage a healthy lifestyle. To help you get started, here is a list of the best health mobile apps that can help you live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Best Health Mobile Apps for Women

1. Period Calendar

Did you wonder why this app comes under health mobile apps? Tracking your menstrual period effectively can help you stay healthy and fit. Tracking your period can help you to better understand your body and observe any symptoms like headaches or mood swings that may occur during a particular phase of your cycle. More so, tracking your period can let you know when you’re likely to be most fertile if you’re either trying to get pregnant or avoiding pregnancy.

Period Calendar is a very good and free period tracking app. It’ll help you to predict your period and also provide necessary info on your potential ovulation date and fertile window. Aside from tracking your menstrual flow, Period Calendar can also record mood, cervical mucus, weight, temperature, intercourse, and birth control. It’s also an effective pill reminder.

2. Headspace

This is a meditation app, useful to your mental health. The app is loaded with lots of guided meditations, emergency SOS sessions for calming needs, and so on. Users will also receive occasional notifications telling them to chill out and breathe a little bit. Headspace is free but the pro version includes more features. Other useful meditation apps include Aware, Prana Breath, Let’s Meditate, and Calm.

3. FIIT app

This is one of the best workout apps. It helps users to improve their flexibility, hormones, mood, and core strength with high-quality workouts, which include a weight training program, gym training, yoga, and so on from professional trainers. FIIT app also allows users to challenge their friends from around the world in fitness exercises. 

Best Health Mobile Apps for Men

1. Home Workout

This is an excellent health mobile app for beginners. Home Workout contains several workouts you can do at home without any equipment. Some of these workouts include strength training, weight training, stretching, warm-ups, and so more. It also offers video and animation guides, tracking, and charts. This is an ideal app for those who don’t want to spend lots of money on exercise equipment. 

2. MyTherapy

This is a pill reminder app. Its function is to remind you to take your pill(s) and you have to log or skip your confirmed medication intake. The app enables you to track your dosage over a long time. You can also track other things, such as arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, and other chronic conditions, with the app

3. Yoga Daily Fitness

This is a simple yet good yoga app. It contains a variety of yoga poses and exercises that can help increase your core strength, flexibility, and so on. The exercises are excellent and can be done even with people with health conditions.

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