Hidden Symbols on Your iPhone’s Keyboard Review and How to Access Them

Do you own an iPhone and would like to learn how to type less known but useful symbols on the iPhone’s keyboard? Then you should keep on reading. This post will help you to know all the hidden symbols on your iPhone and how to access them. 

Hidden underneath the iPhone’s usual numbers, letters, and symbols are other hidden symbols, which are less known, but can be quite useful. Here is a list of iPhone’s usual keys you can long-press to access these hidden symbols:

  • Long-press “?” to access the inverted question mark (¿)
  • Long-press “.” (period key) to access the ellipsis (…)
  • Long-press “/” (forward slash) to access the backslash (\)
  • Long-press ‘ (single quote) to quickly access smart single quotes
  • Long-press “ (double quotes) to access smart double quotes, together with the forward (») and rewind («) symbols
  • Long-press “!” (exclamation mark) to access an inverted exclamation (¡)
  • Long-press “=” (equal to) to access the unequal to (≠) and the approximately (≈) signs
  • Long-press “&” (ampersand) to access the section sign, also called the double S (§)
  • Long-press “%” (percentage) to access the parts per thousand symbol (‰)
  • Long-press “-” (hyphen) to access some long dashes (– and —) and a bullet point symbol (•)
  • Long-pressing “.com” when entering web addresses brings up options for .org, .edu, and .net.

The next time you will need to tell somebody how cold or hot it is, you don’t have to type the word “degrees” or search for its symbol online. Simply long-press on the “O” (zero) button on your iPhone’s keyboard and move your finger and press the degree (°) symbol quickly.

Aside from accessing the hidden symbols, long-pressing on some keys on your iPhone’s keyboard like E, Y, U, I, O, A, S, L, Z, C, or N also enables you to write accented characters. Also, you can find yourself in a situation where you want to mention various currencies in your text. Simply long-press the currency icon beside the closed bracket key. A few extra currencies, such as ¥, ₹, ₩,  $, €, £, and ₽ will pop up (depending on the country you chose in your keyboard setting).

There are many other useful but hidden symbols within your iPhone’s keypad that you possibly do not know are there. If you want to quickly access the symbol(s) you’ll be using frequently on your iPhone, you can make use of the in-built text replacing feature on your iPhone. 

To do this, navigate to “Settings,” then to “General,” then to “Keyboard,” then to “Text Replacement” and press on the “+” sign on the top right corner to add phrases for the unusual symbols you frequently use. For instance, you can add the trademark symbol (™) and make tm the phrase so that whenever you type tm, your iPhone will automatically change this to the ™ symbol. 

Now you know your iPhone’s keyboard can give you access to some useful symbols that will enable you to better communicate or write text.

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