Heavy-duty Phone Covers at iCoverLover

Latest phones are more durable and adventure-ready. Nevertheless, some parts are still fragile, especially the screen, and if your phone drops from a high point or onto a rough, stony surface with its screen, it can lead to a costly repair or replacement.

However, instead of risk damaging your phone and paying for a repair or replacement, it’s wise to take some pre-emptive actions and choose a phone cover that will keep your phone safe no matter what. There are two types of phone covers – wallet phone cases vs. back phone cases.

While some of these cases are for fashion and aesthetic purposes, some are designed to be rugged and durable, capable of protecting your phone from cracks, scratches, dents, and even during a heavy fall. To keep your phone in pristine condition, you need a tough and heavy-duty phone cover. Luckily, there are lots of heavy-duty and rugged phone covers at iCoverLover to choose from for your phone.

Why Buy a Heavy-Duty Phone Cover from iCoverLover?

There’s one major reason to invest in a heavy-duty phone cover from iCoverLover – to safeguard the long-term health of your phone. If you’re an engineer, construction worker, farmer, or you work in a dangerous environment, or you’re just clumsy, these rugged phone covers will protect your phone in case of an accident or unexpected fall. 

These phone covers may not be sleek and fashionable in your hand or thin and comfortable in your pocket, but they offer the right kind of protection that your phone would survive when it falls. In a nutshell, protection is the key quality of heavy-duty phone covers.

The Best Heavy-Duty Phone Covers at iCoverLover

Now that you’ve seen the need for a heavy-duty phone cover, it’s time to show you our top picks. Let’s get down to our rugged yet affordable phone cases:

1. Rugged Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Smartphone Case

This rugged smartphone case is specially made to provide a maximum shield from bumps, falls and scratches. This armour case is lightweight and good-looking but shockproof and durable. It has a foldable stand that allows playing multimedia in landscape mode.

  • Fits only Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
  • Made from sturdy PC and TPU combination
  • Non-slip surface
  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Unisex, Rugged armour design perfect for every age
  • Integrated stand/holder

2. iPhone XR Case Silver Shockproof PC & TPU Armor Protective Back Shell Cover with Stand-up Holder

The iPhone XR Case Silver Shockproof PC & TPU Armor Protective Back Shell Cover with Stand-up Holder includes:

  • Shock-absorbing body
  • A heat-dissipating inner case
  • Scratch and dust protection
  • Built-in kickstand/stand-up holder
  • Comes with a Free Screen Protector and a Splash Resistant bag

You can also get the black version here.

3. Samsung Galaxy S10 Case Black Armour TPU & PC Back Shell with Shockproof Material Magnetic Ring Holder 

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Protective PC and TPU Back Shell features:

  • Magnetic Ring Holder
  • Stand Impact Protection
  • Scratch-proof
  • Reinforced Grip
  • Has a Screen Protector and a Water Resistant bag Free

4. For Samsung Galaxy A72/A71 4G Case, Armour Shockproof TPU/PC Cover, Ring Holder, Red

Protective Samsung Galaxy A72 4G/5G or A71 4G phone case in Red will wrap your smartphone all around and provide military-grade protection from falls, bumps, and scratches. The design of this case is rugged yet slim and won’t add bulk to the phone. The magnetic 360° ring holder/stand gives this cover an additional value.

  • Fits only Samsung Galaxy A72 4G/5G or A71 4G – choose your model from the “Compatible Model” menu
  • Made from strong TPU and PC
  • Integrated non-slip texture
  • Rugged armour unisex design suitable for all ages
  • Metal 360° holder/stand
  • Clear, open ports for connectivity

If you want to enhance the protection of your phone, these tough phone covers have come to your rescue. These phone cases offer the right protection for your phone while also allowing you to navigate the phone screen easily while on the job site.

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