iPad mini 6 to Launch in Spring

If you’ve been awaiting a new iPad mini from Apple, here is good news for you. Rumour has it that Apple may release its iPad mini 6 in Spring this year. 

The last time Apple updated the iPad mini was in March 2019, that’s over two years ago. Since then fans have been looking forward to the launch of a new iPad mini. It was expected that a new launch would be announced at the Apple Event on 20th April or at the WWDC 2021. However, a new launch didn’t get announced for some reason. Instead, it was a new fifth-generation iPad Pro we got from Apple. But recently, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a regular Apple tipster, claimed that the iPad mini 6 will be launched this spring, featuring “the biggest redesign in the nine-year history” of small-form tablets. 

There is every possibility that Gurman got his fact from Apple insiders. So this rumour is one worth paying attention to. Another reason why Gurman may be right is that the spring is usually the launch time for Apple, so seeing a new iPad mini this spring wouldn’t be a shocking surprise. The iPhone 13 is also expected to be unveiled around September or October this year.

Luckily, Apple has always kept its tablets at about the same price over the years. So, you wouldn’t have to break your pocket to get the new iPad mini 6 after the launch. 

But why is everyone anticipating the arrival of the new iPad mini 6? The reason is not far-fetched. The iPad mini has always attracted a large fan base because of its compact size. The 2019 update further made the iPad mini became the best-value iPad on the market to date. 

Did you think the iPad mini would be discontinued? This is doubtful in all ways although nothing is impossible. Though things seemed so bad for the iPad mini line-up before the 2019 update. But since then, it’s clear that Apple values its mini tab, which makes us believe that there is going to be an iPad mini 6.

A few rumours are suggesting a change in the design of the iPad mini. Here are some of the suggested changes as mentioned by the Macotakara report:
The screen size would increase from 7.9 inches to 8.4 inches, without actually increasing the tablet’s overall size. The report added that the iPad mini 6 might be slightly longer than its predecessors. On whether the new iPad mini will come with a Face ID or Touch ID? It’s not certain yet but one thing is sure, tabs aren’t picked up as much or the same way as smartphones, so the Face ID on iPad may not be a necessary feature. 

More so, the iPad Air hasn’t gained Face ID yet, so it’s unlikely that the iPad mini will have it. As long as the mini maintains the Home button, there are chances that the Touch ID will remain.

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