Latest iOS 15 Widgets

In June 2021 Apple officially launched iOS 15, which comes with lots of new and interesting features for users of the iPhone. Earlier in July, Apple released an update for the iOS 15 to developers – iOS 15 beta 3 and iPadOS 15 beta 3. The update brings additional improvements, refinements like a new Focus mode, and enhancements to FaceTime group calls and other existing apps.

The Focus mode got new icons that are colour matched to the user’s chosen Focus. It also got a new screen that explains “Focus Status.” The “Automation or Add Schedule” button also grew bigger. On the Safari browser, users can now tap and hold on to the address bar to see the “Reload” option. Main Screen widgets also got a few new features too, popular features the tech giant has developed in a long time. Read on to know more about the latest iOS 15 widgets. 

Though the iOS was launched with custom widgets, Apple also added several latest iOS widgets. These include:

  • Find My widget: this widget helps users to find their personal items and friends right from their Home Screen.
  • Contacts widget: this widget enables you to stay connected with friends and family from the Home Screen. Via the contact widget, you can reach friends and family through phone, mail, FaceTime, messages, or Find My. You can also approve purchases or requests of Screen Time from your children or take additional actions with the Family Sharing option.
  • Game Centre widgets: this comes in two forms. The widget “Continue Playing” shows Game Centre–enabled games you recently played across different devices while the “Friends Are Playing” widget enables you to discover what games your pals are playing.
  • App Store widget: this widget displays the collections, stories, and in‑app activities from the Today tab from the Home Screen.
  • Sleep widget: this widget displays data on how you slept. It enables you to review your sleeping schedule.
  • Mail widget: this widget enables you to look at your recent email and quickly access any of the mailboxes.

Aside from these latest widgets, some old widgets were also redesigned. For instance, the Music widget was redesigned and can now tell the user if a music or audio file they are listening to is currently playing or being paused. The widgets also change colour to match the album. In addition, Apple says that when you update your phone, you’ll see a smart widget suggestion notification.

That means Apple is tweaking the Smart Stack feature with Widget Suggestions, enabling it to combine multiple widgets, making it easier for users to discover new widgets, and add or remove widgets they want.

For instance, if an iOS 15 user has a current Smart Stack, that includes the Reminders and Weather widget, ‌if such a user has an upcoming meeting, iOS 15‌ can automatically include a Calendar app to the stack and also automatically remove the Calendar app from the stack after the meeting – reverting to the original stack that the user install with the Reminders and Weather widget. According to Apple, this new feature will enable iOS users to find new and useful widgets.

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