Best Mobile Apps to Learn a Foreign Language

Have you been considering learning a foreign language? Well, you don’t need to attend a school to learn one. Whether you’re studying for an exam, going on a vacation, or just want to expand your mind by learning a different language, there are several mobile apps out there that are specially made to help you learn a foreign language.

To make your search easier, we have compiled a list of the best mobile apps to learn a foreign language. While you may be familiar with some, you’ll find some more interesting. Read on.

Rosetta Stone

This mobile app tops our list because it’s the best and most widely recognized mobile app for learning new languages on the planet. It’s a learning program and has been teaching languages for over two decades.

The learning process works by listening to the words, repeating them, then matching photos to phrases. Download the Android or iOS version. Mind you, a subscription is required.


This is another impressive mobile app to help you learn a foreign language. It comes with a beautiful and intuitive interface. Duolingo teaches a foreign language through reading, writing, and pronunciation. It comes with games and fun that aid learning and you can learn at your own pace. 

Another impressive feature of Duolingo is that it’s not aimed solely at English native speakers. Download the Android or iOS version. You can either use the free version or subscribe for more amazing features.


This app aids learning by combining memes and gamification. It uses the flashcard approach to guide users through learning. Aside from its simplistic visual aids, and its attractive, friendly, and encouraging interface, the pro version offers chatbots, games, and an offline mode for continuous learning, even if you run out of data.

Download the Android or iOS version. You can either opt-in for the free version or the pro version, which comes at a fee.


Busuu boasts of having more than 80 million users worldwide – thanks to its interactivity. This mobile app can help you to learn 12 different foreign languages through full courses, exercises (that would be reviewed by native speakers), and accent training.

Though you can use the app for free, Busuu offers grammar tips, offline access, and official certificates with its pro version, which comes with a cost. Download the Android or iOS version.


This mobile app works slightly differently from other learning apps. It’s like a social platform that connects you with the people who speak the foreign language you want to learn (Tutors). These people will then help and guide you to learn a foreign language. In return, you’ll teach them your language too.

The app teaches a foreign language by allowing you to talk to native speakers. There are lots of foreign languages you can choose from and you can filter the tutors by country and age. Aside from helping you to learn a foreign language, it also helps to meet new friends. However, be careful, stay safe, and never disclose private information to anyone online. HelloTalk is available for free and at a subscription. Download the Android or iOS version.

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